Responsibility throughout this Season

“Tis’ a season to be jolly…………..”

As the Christmas holiday approaches, our customers may have already been infected with the merry spirit that comes with the season. It is now time to finalize plans surrounding presents,vacation and visits. Everything associated with coming together yet again.

In short, spending. And one is not careful, a whole lot of spending, resulting in a bigger than intended dent into our budgets.

RedyMoney fully endorses the spirit of gift-giving and charity during the holiday season, however,  we caution against what may potentially turn out to be unaffordable spending.

In all your endeavors throughout the holidays, you are encouraged to remain responsible. Whether it be borrowing and/or spending.

If you are borrowing, remember to take into consideration not only the wants and expectations, but the practicality and affordability. Do not be overwhelmed by traditions and find yourself in a financial bind, that one may be tempting to blame on gift purchasing being the cause.

Remember, in spite of the what the gift is: “the accompanying thought counts and can greatly compliment the exchange.” Sharing thoughts in gift-giving can heighten the gratitude of the recipient. It is creating memories and not just perfunctory gift-exchanges that should be the focus. Thoughts are value adding to gifts and make gifts more special.

Try it!!!

I saw this gift and thought of you.
I saw this gift and thought of you.

From RedyMoney: Money when you need it most.



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