On the brink of Christmas…… Remember

Remember to first and foremost have a spirit of thankfulness despite the hecticity of the season.

Remember to embrace all faces (old and new) with love, warmth and open welcome. You are all connected to friends and family alike.

Remember the purpose of the season and revel in the security and exclusivity of your family. You are all a part of each other.

Remember to openly express gratitude and keep a warm smile on your face. The season is for putting away the everyday stresses from our lives, providing us with a reprieve to be totally and completely happy.

Remember the less fortunate in your prayers and whilst giving thanks for your various feasts, give thanks that at least one less homeless person is hungry.

Keep your children close and ensure that they are paying attention to and being part of a warm tradition that they will in turn pass on, when their time comes.

And last, but not least, know and remember RedyMoney and know that we are with each family in spirit and we too are giving thanks for all your good tidings. You  are encouraged to look forward to the day with a reflective mind but also one of anticipation.


From the RedyMoney family to yours.


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