Final Friday of January…..How are you feeling about it?

Anybody feeling nostalgic, or like, you were not ready to see January ends so soon???

Maybe not, as we are all hoping that as January goes so will the cold with it!!!!

Whatever plans you have started working towards and all the opportunities you have had since the start of the year, RedyMoney prays that they keep coming throughout the months to follow.

We encourage you to work hard, take plenty of rest, remain positive and thankful and you are reminded to give a helping hand where and when needed.

It feels GOOD to DO Good.

These are good things to send out to the universe.

In other news: Dear Mr. Cold – we understand balance and nature, but would you terribly take off????

NO, you say!!!! We didn’t expect so.. Still – we can only wish……………

Are you ready to leave Mr. Winter???
Are you ready to leave Mr. Winter??? Enjoy your weekend family!!!

Are you ready to leave Mr. Winter???





RedyMoney’s #WCW: first edition

Woman Crush Wednesday – this is the first time RedyMoney is going to try this trending # for Wednesday. #WCW to RedyMoney, means a day to stop and really look hard at our state’s women and say, “You are strong and I admire that!”

As extensive as Alabama is, RedyMoney is crushing on all of you.

How’s that for our first #WCW? Of course,we may zoom in hereinafter, but you are all great. You step out each day, to command and own your day, and grasp all opportunities it brings whilst putting long term plans in place…….


Whichever county you belong to,whatever job you hold and whoever you are; as long as you are building yourself, following your dreams, helping others and not giving up: RedyMoney can’t help but crush on YOU.

To every woman working hard for hers, taking care of her own, RedyMoney encourages you to keep it up.

To women everywhere, know this: "YOU are AWESOME."
To women everywhere, know this:

Final Monday of January…..

Let us look at January in summary for this week.

What were the highlight moments for you and your family??? Any birthdays or anniversaries???

  1. RedyMoney started 2016 with the wishes from the RedyMoney family to our customers and their families.

2. RedyMoney was busy with our TV Commercial, getting to know our customers and of course we have constantly been re-assessing our products to ensure their remain relative and needed by our customers.

3. RedyMoney celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we were made happy to read of the celebrations that took place in Alabama.

4. We looked at Human Trafficking and how it affects everyone around us, each day, both directly and indirectly.

5. We looked at how the weather was predicted to take a drastic turn and we implored with all to dress smartly for this weather.

6.Plus our usual weekend humor and tips for having a fulfilling weekend.

RedyMoney says: Make this final Monday in January one where you send January out in fine style and you are braced and ready to imprint you on February. It is one step at a time; month by month and day by day.

RedyMoney intends to be with you all the way. We leave you with this motivation:

Make each day the day when you live worthily
Make each day the day when you live worthily.


Happy 4th Friday!!!!!

This Friday is a special one.

It comes with special announcements and of course, today will segue into the official beginning of a 2 day break from work (for those of us that are lucky – lol).

Special announcements, such as the potential weather conditions that may close in on Alabama for this weekend, if this report is anything to go by.

RedyMoney cautions all our customers, families, friends to protect yourself when venturing out in this weather. Remember to always stay warm.

This cold weather has got me like......
This cold weather has got me like……

Have a lovely weekend RedyMoney family!!!

Have a relaxing, well-desired paced weekend!!!!
Have a relaxing, well-desired paced weekend!!!!


Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!

Today marks the American Holiday that celebrates the life of Martin Luther King Jr.; his birthday and his life’s work.

In RedyMoney’s corner,we shall just share with you one of our favourite quotes from an inspiring, selfless humanitarian:

“The good neighbor looks beyond all external accidents and discerns those qualities that make all men, human, and therefore Brothers.”

Happy Martin Luther King Day !!!!!
Happy Martin Luther King Day !!!!!

The Weekend is Here!!!

Dear friends:

We have lived to see this weekend….. yay!!!!!

Another week has gone by and today we can look back at the week of past and congratulate our achievements and resolve to work on those tasks outstanding.

RedyMoney Urgent Advisory: reflect on your week before Friday is OUT!!!

This way, you enjoy your weekend more when your activities are coordinated and your mind is not all over the place and back in last week.

Your mind can free up space to take in the new experiences that this weekend holds as you have already looked at your past week and have planned for your incoming one.

What do you say?

Milk this weekend for what it is worth!!!

RedyMoney encourages you to.

Man am I glad the weekend is here...........
Man, am I glad the weekend is here………..

Post National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human Trafficking Awareness Day is recognized on the 11th of January, annually. This year alot was highlighted about the clandestine ways the topic has been treated.

What do you know about Human Trafficking?

How do you think it impacts you and your surroundings?

It may never happen to you personally, but what happens if someone you know and that is close to you is traumatized after they have suffered loss at the hands of Human Trafficking?

Think Human Trafficking does not happen in your neck of the woods? 

Think again. What is even more disturbing is the proportion of these numbers that represent trafficked children.

Human Trafficking is a violation of the human rights of all its victims.

RedyMoney abhors such acts and we stand against its persistent practice.

Become educated about Human Trafficking. Be in the know and take all necessary steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

But also, extend this fierce protectiveness to your community members, especially the most vulnerable among you that just seem to fade away.


On the 8th day of January…..

#singing like 12 day of Christmas tune.

Happy Friday RedyMoney family!!!!

We have the weekend upon us and it is the second weekend of the new year. RedyMoney has decided to send you off into the second weekend of the new year in fine and informed style.

Time for RedyMoney Fun Fact-Friday Edition:

The President should not be seen black and blue too often!!!
The President should not be seen black and blue too often!!!





And simply because it is Friday… We wish you one filled with fun, laughter, relaxation and everything nice; times 2!!!

You can't go wrong with these cats!!!
You can’t go wrong with these cats!!!

From RedyMoney: money when you need it most.


RedyMoney wishes for 2016….

To be a year filled with purpose-driven actions to realize realistic goals.

RedyMoney extends a special welcome to 2016, to all our loyal customers and friends. We thank you for staying with us. We say welcome to a year filled with potential and opportunities; a year of wisdom and prudence. A year of kindness, humility and responsible actions.

Welcome one and all to a new calendar year. RedyMoney wishes it has started spectacularly for you and if it has not, it has just begun, it is not yet over. There is much time left, as the Man Above allows, for you to make all wrongs right and make efforts and strides in resolving problems.

RedyMoney hopes that you grasp all opportunities that come your way, once you are convinced that they are for you and you only foresee nothing but prosperity and everything good, once you take them.

Sometimes when setting goals, there needs to be room for planning and legwork; as these too play an important part; you cannot reach any goal you set without them.

Dream big. Dream so big that no one calendar year can contain your dreams. Your dreams are bigger than that.

In all you do, it is done best with prayer. Your elaborate plans and ambitious goals all become clearer and more purpose driven with prayer. So, remember to pray and know that RedyMoney is here for you, when you need us.

Always remember RedyMoney is here for you.
Always remember RedyMoney is here for you.

From the RedyMoney family to yours.