Final Monday of January…..

Let us look at January in summary for this week.

What were the highlight moments for you and your family??? Any birthdays or anniversaries???

  1. RedyMoney started 2016 with the wishes from the RedyMoney family to our customers and their families.

2. RedyMoney was busy with our TV Commercial, getting to know our customers and of course we have constantly been re-assessing our products to ensure their remain relative and needed by our customers.

3. RedyMoney celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we were made happy to read of the celebrations that took place in Alabama.

4. We looked at Human Trafficking and how it affects everyone around us, each day, both directly and indirectly.

5. We looked at how the weather was predicted to take a drastic turn and we implored with all to dress smartly for this weather.

6.Plus our usual weekend humor and tips for having a fulfilling weekend.

RedyMoney says: Make this final Monday in January one where you send January out in fine style and you are braced and ready to imprint you on February. It is one step at a time; month by month and day by day.

RedyMoney intends to be with you all the way. We leave you with this motivation:

Make each day the day when you live worthily
Make each day the day when you live worthily.



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