It seemed like just yesterday….

Dear Friends, it seemed like just yesterday, we were looking forward to welcoming February and just as soon, we will be welcoming March. But the month is not over until it is over.

its almost march

On this 26th day, we hope that we have able to assist all our customers, reach as many as we can, and individually we have tried to improve someone’s life and/or state of being. Whether in a great or small way, it matters. RedyMoney encourages you to continue.

be kind as often as possible

And simply because it is Friday……..

Happy Friday cute doggie


Today in African American History….

Ever heard of “Salem Female Anti-Slavery Society?”

Before today, many years ago, no one else would have either. That is, until activists organized campaigns against slavery. Another interesting piece of American history brought to the fore: 184 years ago (to this day), that we can be proud of.

Women campaigned against ill-treatment and other issues surrounding slavery. Interestingly, over time, it housed members of the ‘white’ ethnicity. This shows that there should be no boundaries on being human.

Through it all, we reiterate love. Love makes us fair and just in everything we do and say. Love commands how we treat each other and regard each other. The same goes for lack of love. Only through the lack of love that we discriminate, alienate and ostracize. 

African American history is celebrated to denote key contributions said people have made to a great nation. Let our love for a peaceful, progressive, fair and prosperous nation transcend the boundaries that we have instilled through tradition or false doctrines.

Maya Angelou talks about love 1
Poet and Activist Maya Angelou adds her 2 cents worth about love.



Teen Dating Violence: it’s everybody’s business

When you hear “teen dating violence”, you may think:”what do teens have to be violent about?”

Teen dating violence has in fact been a concern, so great is its spread now, that there has been an entire month dedicated to raising awareness about the dynamics of such young relationships. As outlined by various sources, this violence can be transferred in different ways. RedyMoney applauds the efforts to raise this awareness that publicizes the need for resources to tackle this problem. Just like any other problem this nation faces. We say to add to those resources, make available rehabilitative measures for the perpetrators themselves. They were not predisposed to be violent, even though, some experts may say expectant mothers can in fact send hormonal messages to their unborn child, and if this works for love and affection, it is only fair to presume so is the case, even if these messages are that of distress, negativity etc.

It is alarming to fathom that domestic trends in adult can be stemmed from childhood/ teenage years behavioral patterns.

RedyMoney encourages you to become more informed on the topic and in that same breath, continue to do what you can in your homes with your own teenagers to contribute to a paradigm shift in the teen dating violence trend. Its mere existence, is cause for concern.

Let’s not say the statistics are not so damning, so there need not be any cause for greater concern. Our prerogative is to be proactive parents and neighbors. To do so, it is ill- advised  to have a closed mind to the concept of your own teenager dating.

And whilst you are at it, lend neighborly support, if only through empathy, to the parents and families that have been affected by teen dating violence. Both sides of the family, that is. Both sides need preventative and rehabilitative measures, however, for different reasons.

Remember: we are all family, a large one (we may not know everyone), but still a family.

TDVMonth banner
Teen Dating Violence is real and is happening in many homes; effecting many families.
Tdvm february theme
Spread the word: share the theme.

#T.G.I.F.: The goal is Focus!!!!

Focus means “paying particular attention to…..”

RedyMoney encourages you to focus on your heart health. Throughout this month, information, tips and other advisories are available to show you how important heart health is.

Our healthy heart tip today is: “Eat heart healthy food, incorporated into your daily diet. A 4-ounce glass of red wine (up to two for men and one for women per day) can help improve  good Cholesterol levels.”

There is no good news like hearing that some red wine is good for the heart.

And our Heart fact for the day: “Heart disease is the greatest health threat in Americans to date. It surpasses Breast Cancer in women and Prostate Cancer in men.”

Sobering fact that it, indeed. Now you see why RedyMoney encourages you all to focus on making your hearts healthier.

#Cheers!!! #Cheers to Healthier hearts!!!!
#Cheers to Healthier hearts!!!!










Just a picture of this makes your heart smile!!!!
Just a picture of this makes your heart smile!!!!


Happy Heart Month!!!!!

Happy Monday to you RedyMoney family!!!

We hope you had a fulfilling weekend and you are feeling, rested, re energized and rejuvenated; ready to take on a new week.

February is American Heart Month. RedyMoney has every intent to keep you informed about your heart, how to treat it right and how to improve Heart health.

Wherever you are in America, whichever of the 62 states, we hope this information reaches you and you can do something about keeping your heart healthy.

Did you know: That your heart, that small yet vital organ, beats approximately 100,000 times per day!!!!

Can you imagine that!!! 100,000 times. That’s the amount of work your heart puts out daily. Your heart must be fit from doing that amount of pumping each day.

And if it stops just 1 of those times???? (#you’re in trouble…….)

Let us keep our hearts healthy, fit and always ready, the way we do our bodies and our minds.

A healthy heart means we will never part.
A healthy heart means we will never part.


On the 4th day of February…………..

A glimpse in the past on this day, that as we see it today is history.

And in our #RedyMoney Woman Crush Wednesday feature, we look at newly appointed Court Administrator, LaShandra Warren.

Coincidentally, Ms. Warren is the first female and African American of the Montgomery County Courthouse and the 4th Court Administrator overall. Our #WCW also, is an example of some of the people celebrated in February, as this is the month that National African American History is observed and explored.

One day too, Ms. LaShandra Warren, RedyMoney’s #WCW for February 4, 2016, will go down in history. There is no history, like the one of people living each day as thought their entire world deserves to go down in history.

Ms. Warren has been in the court for most of her career and shared that she always wanted to work in the courts. Coupled with her various certifications and degrees, her years of working in the judicial system and her performance history further endorsed her as the woman for the job.

Whatever your day looks like, Ms. Court Administrator, RedyMoney is crushing on you.

Continue to do what you enjoy, excel at and see results from. Continue to be an inspiration.

La Shandra Warren
RedyMoney #WCW !!!!!


RedyMoney welcomes FEBRUARY

Who else has been holding their breaths waiting for this blessed month to begin???

Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or any other special occasions, if it happened in February, it is your time to shine. Relive those memories and revel in all that has happened since.

RedyMoney gives thanks that we have all lived to see the start of a new month. Truly the Almighty has continued to smile upon us despite all appearances.


Let us meditate:  Breathe in slowly and smell the newness despite all the seemingly same old. Exhale…It is a new month. New things can happen. New revelations may happen. New opportunities may present themselves disguised as New Challenges. But remember it is new, and this is your first go at it.

We encourage you to give this new month our ALL, heh? Let’s see what newness we as individuals can also bring to this new month.

#relaxing sigh….


Hello February