How was your Easter???

RedyMoney knows we are long-time coming in greeting the extended RedyMoney family since our last update. The entire time however, each of you have never been far from our thoughts.

We hope your holidays were filled with the sense of love, belonging, hope and renewal of spirit that the Easter brings.

It is mid-week and we wish for you a productive remainder of the week.

wake up determined
Remember productivity and Job Satisfaction go hand in hand. It is not too late to ensure that the remainder of your week ends on a satisfactory note.

And because it is Women’s Crush Wednesday, RedyMoney is crushing on this gentle soul, an Alabama native who has a heart for charity. T. Marie King has now gained national recognition for her works of charity in the arts and mentor ship programs. It is always an awe-inspiring thing to behold when we are reminded each day of the various people from all over the world that are doing as much good as we are doing. It gives us courage to continue our own works and lobby for more practice of charity in our own circles.

woman crush wednesday
#T. Marie King #Arts #Mentor ship



Post International Happiness Day

It is day one after the International Day of Happiness.

We in the United States have been ranked number 13. That is 2 places up from number 15, this time last year. #YAY!!!! Though this means there are 12 countries more happy than we are;  US has come a far way.

However, what do we know about this happiness report and how it is constructed? One may think there is no one formula that conclusively allows such a deduction to be made, on how happy an individual and in extension, a country is.

Read for yourself and become verse on how these primary indicators factor you as an individual and then translate into a grade or mark for your entire country.  Some indicators include: GDP per capita, Healthy Life Expectancy, Social Support, Freedom to make life choices, Generosity, Corruption, Positive Affect and Negative Affect. 

You can learn more of these terminologies through reading this report, however, you must realise that at the heart of it, is the citizens who go about their daily lives as best as their circumstances allow them.

Happiness begins with you, collective lives are what form the international report. But RedyMoney says, aspire to be intrinsically happy and that will permeate your surroundings. Work on you being happy.

RedyMoney leaves you with this happiness quote for the day: “There is only one way to HAPPINESS, and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”                                                    – Epictectus

happiness is a choice
You have to choose to stop worrying about what you have no control or power over and invest your energy in that which is within your realm of power. Help someone Be kind to someone Give a listening ear These are just some of the things you have control over and the power to do or not do. Make a choice to be happy today

Did you miss it????

Yesterday, March 15, 2016 – was the day recognized as World Consumer Rights Da6y.

You may be wondering what exactly consumer rights is and the reason/need for a day of recognition. According to the vision and work of Consumer International (CI), a non-profit organization based in the UK, the day is recognized to highlight, remind and improve the standards of protecting the basic tights of the consumer.

You heard correct!!! In some way or form, based on the enclosed definition of a consumer, most, if not all, of us are consumers and we all have rights!!! That is good news, however, in order to know that our rights have been honored/violate, we need to first know of our rights.You heard correct!!! In some way or form, based on the enclosed definition of a consumer, most, if not all, of us are consumers and we all have rights!!! That is good news, however, in order to know that our rights have been honored/violate, we need to first know of our rights.

This year’s World Consumer Rights Day theme is “Antibiotics off the Menu”. The call has been made to remove antibiotics from agricultural produce, as constant consumption of such foods, can contribute to a resistance overall, to antibiotics.

Find out what you can about the use of antimicrobial substances in farming and in turn how much you may be in taking. If your body becomes immune to the antibiotics (medical treatment procedure that is used to fight foreign bacteria etc) and you happen to even contract a common infection, it may complicate treatment options thus making your infection more dangerous than it already is.

You can play your part, by exercising your rights as consumer, in requesting that potentially harmful substances be removed from your consumption items. As a consumer, you are well within your rights, to hold your product/services provider, accountable and to be held responsible.


Happy Monday to you and a Productive week!!!

It begins like this: from last Friday you would have summarized what tasks were completed and which tasks require your attention today.

Remember how you handle your tasks for the day, unwittingly sets the tone of your work week. Aspire to be productive. Experts know that, yes, Mondays may become overwhelming. What became highlighted too is the fact that a well and evenly paced Monday, one wherein you are satisfied with your day’s work, sets a great tone for the rest of your week.

Aim to have a satisfying day, that after you close down, you sigh a sigh of satisfaction with a mental pat on your shoulder.

Productivity and Job Satisfaction go hand in hand. What do you say? Make your Monday one that sees you feeling satisfied for the entire week!!!

Monday to take over the world
Take over your world today, with focus that leads to a productive day.

Happy Friday!!!!

It’s another of those great days, when we get to reflect on our week, analyze how we have spent it and make plans to improve for the coming week.

Today is the day you can tie up all the remaining projects and outstanding work for the week.

Did you forget to return a phone call, respond to an e-mail or do a follow up? Take the opportunity to do so today and you will feel even better about you weekend, having done your best during your week. You deserve your weekend. When you complete all your week’s objective before going into the weekend, (except those whose circumstances are outside your control, but you try to have back-up plans) you give yourself freedom to enjoy and explore on your weekend.

Friday can be a productive day and if treated accordingly, you see yourself putting out as much as during the week and feeling just as productive. There is EVERYTHING good about feeling productive. It is about knowing you have the focus to do what you have set out to; and it never gets old or go out of fashion.

Have a productive day and a Fantastic weekend!!!

Productive weekend
RedyMoney wishes for a Fantastic weekend!!! #mary-frances winters. #work-word-of-the-day #let’s-talk-about-work-tv

Today is International Women’s Day!!!!

Hey there!!! How are you doing?

We here at RedyMoney are doing great, thank you for asking..

Today is International Women’s Day: the day to celebrate the extraordinary sacrifices, contribution and execution of duties of ordinary women around the world, every day. It truly is heart-warming to see how many of our world’s women have risen to the various challenges and surpassing them, even in sometimes, environments that cripple their efforts because of their gender.

RedyMoney salutes #ALL women around the world. Our love is great and is extended to all of you. Even if you don’t believe you do anything remotely extraordinary, think of the ordinary things that you have done. #New-Flash! It is your extraordinarily positive attitude and conviction that makes you achieve and get your daily tasks done.

Nothing is ordinary about you, and even if you have a twin sister, there is that one extraordinary trait that you #OWN. That is your signature. What do you say: go forth and affix your signature on those documents that matter most? 

Each time #YOU do something great, the universe knows it’s you and the universe is grateful.

This year’s theme is promote and support full advocacy towards gender-equality.

RedyMoney says: starting right this moment, everyone, see a woman, any woman as a precious wonder on earth. She really is, a wonder. If you look upon her as such, it will in turn guide how you approach her, speak to her and treat her, and what is call for advocacy becomes an individual transformation to be more human and loving, becomes a culture and a way of life. There are only benefits with treating everyone with equality and respect and refraining from any form of discrimination, for any reason at all.

For those who already  treat women with fairness and equal respect, continue doing so, yo will cause a ripple that if other follow suit, will transform into a great wave, washing away inequality and when settled, sees an equal and balanced global setting.

International Women's Day
Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!