Today is International Women’s Day!!!!

Hey there!!! How are you doing?

We here at RedyMoney are doing great, thank you for asking..

Today is International Women’s Day: the day to celebrate the extraordinary sacrifices, contribution and execution of duties of ordinary women around the world, every day. It truly is heart-warming to see how many of our world’s women have risen to the various challenges and surpassing them, even in sometimes, environments that cripple their efforts because of their gender.

RedyMoney salutes #ALL women around the world. Our love is great and is extended to all of you. Even if you don’t believe you do anything remotely extraordinary, think of the ordinary things that you have done. #New-Flash! It is your extraordinarily positive attitude and conviction that makes you achieve and get your daily tasks done.

Nothing is ordinary about you, and even if you have a twin sister, there is that one extraordinary trait that you #OWN. That is your signature. What do you say: go forth and affix your signature on those documents that matter most? 

Each time #YOU do something great, the universe knows it’s you and the universe is grateful.

This year’s theme is promote and support full advocacy towards gender-equality.

RedyMoney says: starting right this moment, everyone, see a woman, any woman as a precious wonder on earth. She really is, a wonder. If you look upon her as such, it will in turn guide how you approach her, speak to her and treat her, and what is call for advocacy becomes an individual transformation to be more human and loving, becomes a culture and a way of life. There are only benefits with treating everyone with equality and respect and refraining from any form of discrimination, for any reason at all.

For those who already  treat women with fairness and equal respect, continue doing so, yo will cause a ripple that if other follow suit, will transform into a great wave, washing away inequality and when settled, sees an equal and balanced global setting.

International Women's Day
Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!


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