Post International Happiness Day

It is day one after the International Day of Happiness.

We in the United States have been ranked number 13. That is 2 places up from number 15, this time last year. #YAY!!!! Though this means there are 12 countries more happy than we are;  US has come a far way.

However, what do we know about this happiness report and how it is constructed? One may think there is no one formula that conclusively allows such a deduction to be made, on how happy an individual and in extension, a country is.

Read for yourself and become verse on how these primary indicators factor you as an individual and then translate into a grade or mark for your entire country.  Some indicators include: GDP per capita, Healthy Life Expectancy, Social Support, Freedom to make life choices, Generosity, Corruption, Positive Affect and Negative Affect. 

You can learn more of these terminologies through reading this report, however, you must realise that at the heart of it, is the citizens who go about their daily lives as best as their circumstances allow them.

Happiness begins with you, collective lives are what form the international report. But RedyMoney says, aspire to be intrinsically happy and that will permeate your surroundings. Work on you being happy.

RedyMoney leaves you with this happiness quote for the day: “There is only one way to HAPPINESS, and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”                                                    – Epictectus

happiness is a choice
You have to choose to stop worrying about what you have no control or power over and invest your energy in that which is within your realm of power. Help someone Be kind to someone Give a listening ear These are just some of the things you have control over and the power to do or not do. Make a choice to be happy today

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