Hey Friday – where have you  been for the longest while??? (#smirks)

To all and sundry of our RedyMoney extended family, we give you a thumbs up for doing your best this past week. We always encourage that you plan your week ahead from today to give you a great start come Monday. Of important note: we reiterate you enjoy your weekend more fulsomely when you had erased all distractions that come in the form of planning for the week ahead.

have a lovely weekend my friend
They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. From each of us at RedyMoney: Have a spectacular weekend!!!
so we sleep in tomorrow right
Yep!!! You got that right: provided that we do not have to work…

Happy Thursday family!!!

To those near and far: clap if you are glad the week is winding down and you are just enough hours away from the weekend…….(#listens for clapping).

Much has happened since our last update and two days of observance that RedyMoney just has to tell you about. You can say we worked through the days, however, we aim to keep you informed.

  • April 27 (yesterday) is the day the International Association of Administrative Professionals which observes individuals of the administrative field, recognize and laud their contribution to each organization (irrespective of the sector), support their development and to revolutionalise the administrative field with the hopes of attracting more individuals. Note: this is a secular, non-public holiday, however, it has been observed for many years, observance of which, has increased the quality of standards of operation for the Administrative Professionals. After all, who doesn’t  like to feel lauded and more so, rightly appreciated??? To all Administrative Professionals (secretaries, receptionists, clerks, PAs and everyone else that supports a manager, board or department) – RedyMoney salutes you!!!!


happy administrative professionals day
Kindly accept RedyMoney’s belated yet sincere wishes.#hugs #flowers
  • Today, is an Internationally observed day, championed by the UN and seconded by the International Labor Organization, for Health and Safety in the workplace. Each work environment comes with both predetermined and circumstantial stresses and increased demands. Occupational hazards, labor intense tasks etc all are items of concern, which each year gets some amount of attention for remedial actions. Last year’s theme surrounded necessary preventative methods to be taken when considering health and safety in the workplace. This has resulted in a transformation to come up with this year’s theme; with the spotlight now on “Stress in the workplace”. You know how this goes, the various committees would head activities surrounding this theme right back until next year this time. Not only will they explore the various stressors  and how to alleviate same, but also to reinforce a system of remedial action. Whether stress or accident on the job, each has adverse effects on any organization, primarily in a financial and operational sense. 
world day of health safety at work 2016
The UN’s focus is long overdue on safety and protection at all times, in as many ways as possible, for any organization’s prime assets, its workers.

With all this information, RedyMoney sends you back to work, wishing you each, a super productive day. Get as much done as you can, break when our brain slows down; this way you look forward to a well deserved hedonism on this approaching weekend and every other.



Happy Tuesday RedyMoney family!!!

After what RedyMoney hopes was a fabulous weekend, we also hope that your work week was off to an exemplary and productive start and that you are still on a roll today. We have not forgotten you our extended family, and we vow to never stay away too long.

RedyMoney will keep it short and concise. Today is World Intellectual Property Day – for those who are creative among us yet lack the belief that they can benefit from their original creations, a day like today you cannot miss. As an original creator, there exist rights to protect your intellectual property.Today is World Intellectual Property Day – for those who are creative among us yet lack the belief that they can benefit from their original creations, a day like today you cannot miss. As an original creator, there exist rights to protect your intellectual property.

You may be wondering, what constitutes an Intellectual Property: “anything intangible that comes as a result of creativity.” Do you write lyrics, poems, etc? Anything that you create with your own unique talent, that you have not duplicated (well wrongfullyis considered an intellectual property, yours, and it is within your best interest to copyright same to prevent duplication of which you are not aware.

The internet is amassed with talent and opportunities to showcase various talents, make it so, that when you add your  creations to the mix, they are duly protected.


world ip day 2016
So happy World Intellectual Property Day!!! Find out what is happening in your neck of the woods and become informed.
going the extra mile
And simply because it is Tuesday, and even if your week was not off to the best start, it is still possible……Have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Earth Day!!!

It is another blessed Friday and RedyMoney sincerely wishes that you had the most productive and satisfying week.

The weekend is upon us and we hope that you have a well and enjoyable weekend planned after a week of hard work. #You-deserve-it.

penguins happy friday
Put your feet up, sip on something that quenches the thirst and mellows the brain. Think on all the good things you have done this week, treat yourself a little and gear up for round 2 next week.

Adding to an already awesome Friday is the fact that each year, on April 22,the Earth is celebrated. It is an internationally recognized day that sees the calls for environment protection and preservation. One great highlights of this year’s Earth day recognition is the signing of the Paris Climate Summit. This is an agreement among more than 100 countries. One great highlights of this year’s Earth day recognition is the signing of the Paris Climate Summit. This is an agreement among more than 100 countries.Also from this link, learn about the things that you can do, to contribute to this global cause.

happy earth day 2016
Today you have the power in your hands to preserve this earth that has always been your home and will remain.

Also, for 2016, the Earth Day organisers are relying on all of the world to play their part in obtaining their ultimate goal of planting more than 7 billion trees (#phew). That’s quite an amount, but then there are enough people in the world to make this happen.

plant a tree

Wednesday morning motivation….

How are our RedyMoney happy campers??? #coffee anyone?

We want to salute you for keeping your head held high to this day and we are just a little #motivational-pit-stop going along your day’s journey. Here is what we believe can give you to provide you with a boost, to complete your day with a deep sigh of relief and satisfaction when you have finished:

RedyMoney wednesday motivation April 2016
You got that right!!! Mediocrity is not acceptable. You have boundless greatness in you, enough to fill the entire globe!!!

With that said, your greatness should be shared. Don’t go being selfish with your greatness now; there is someone, somewhere that can do well with a dose of your power.

Make it happen for that person. You are not mediocre, you are great. And when you are truly great, you want people around you to feel the greatness. Let your greatness call out to the greatness in somebody today. Sometimes you may wonder how it is that you seem to cleave to someone for the less than obvious reason; it is simple, your greatness calling out to theirs or sometimes, even the reverse.

Make it happen today!!!

Bob marley on greatness
#Inspiration for today: #Affect those around you positively.

Monday Inspiration…..

Welcome, RedyMoney family to a new week of possibilities and opportunities.

We know it has been all of seven days since our last update(#hand-covers-mouth), however, you, our extended family have not been far from our thoughts and you are always our priority as we endeavor to provide updates and information that is relevant, relatable and usable.

Today is the perfect day to be encouraged to use your talents. When you give your  talent a say in your various tasks, they no longer seem like a sacrifice but a privilege. Pus, you get so caught up to looking forward to work that you forget what day it is!!!

Monday april 18  motivation RedyMoney
#Know your Talent.. #Make your Motivation be to use that Talent to better the world around you. #Let your Attitude reflect an unending supply of enthusiasm and optimism that at the end of your road, you would have actualized your Talent and transformed lives.

Remember now, how your Monday starts unwittingly sets the tone for the remainder of your week. RedyMoney hopes you had an early start, for those of us that need to structure our day with the good-‘ole pen-to-paper routine. #Paper-to-do-list. Have a focus and delve into one task at a time.

We wish you the best of luck and we hope that a productive tone has been set that will transform your week.

Monday to take over the world
Take over your world today, with focus that leads to a productive day.

And we cannot sign off, without something to look forward to:

RedyMoney has a riddle for you, (don’t go googling it now….. #eyes-on-you)

“Saturday and Sunday, I am big.
Tuesday through Thursday, I am small.
Monday and Friday, I am non-existent.
What am I?”

How did you spend your World Health Day???

April 7 is observed yearly as World Health Day. Instituted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and geared at focusing on various health issues each time, it also commemorates the first Assembly on World Health. Once a country is a member state of the World Health Organization, the same day is added to their calendar.

RedyMoney has discovered that we in the USA fall in Region 3, herald by the Pan American Health Organization.

World Health Day 2016 focused on a call for improved health care and facilities for persons living with diabetes (#Beat Diabetes); also looking at methods of all possible prevention of the disease diagnosis and effective treatment to be available for all who currently have this battle to fight. Diabetes is a shocking reality, especially for those that have been living with the disease or having been primary caregivers to such individuals. People with diabetes have had to make immediate lifestyle changes and restructure their entire lives, following their diagnosis, to be able to make plans to receive the relative care now needed to stem further complications and effects, whilst seeking ways to alleviate the various stresses, that comes from living day-to-day with diabetes.

who  world health day 2016
#Everyday things that we do can contribute to a higher/lower risk of Diabetes.How much do you know about Diabetes? Do you want to beat diabetes or be beaten? Be a Super-hero!!!!

WHO also used the opportunity to highlight the staggering results for 2016, in their inaugural Global report on Diabetes, of the diagnosis rate of Diabetes  which now has a figure four times what it used to be in the 1980’s. To the average American, this may mean little, however, it all boils down to personal knowledge, and in this case of Diabetes, personal nutrition. Human tendencies is to fear the unknown, even the fear of discovery that you may have diabetes and so you refrain from getting tested. How about arming yourself with as much knowledge as you possibly can before evaluating how much fear you have and its origin.

Become informed about Diabetes and how it can affect you. Resources are available, state-wide/ country-wide, to enable you to make important decisions about the lives of you and your families.

beat diabetes 2016
Let us take action. Become informed, aware and more health cautious; it can only add value.

This is something that you can focus on throughout April and of course, RedyMoney reinforces, the more knowledge you have the more responsible you will be held/should become. Enclosed in this link are basic information on what the health day focus was on and of course information on Diabetes itself.

Knowledge gives way to power. You have within you the tools to become powerful. Become informed today.






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































How did you spend World Autism Awareness Day?

If you know nothing about Autism, this contained link has comprehensible information that would assist you in understanding the developmental condition that was recently in the spotlight. RedyMoney is of the firm belief: that will knowledge and love of/on any matter, there is no space for discrimination/marginalization.

love someone with autism
When knowledge meets love there is no room left for discrimination. #who do you love that has Autism??? Even if you do not know them, based on you knowing that there are people out there with Autism, once you can send them some love, you will never be accused of discrimination.

Saturday was World Autism Awareness Day 2016 and the world (maybe in your own back yards) people went blue. Yes, they wore blue on this day on what was the eighth staging of the world day geared at fundraising and bringing continuous awareness to the developmental condition that is Autism.

light it up blue
Did you light it up in blue last Saturday??? #Tell us about it.

Note: we are officially running out of blue font colors!!!

We are absolutely not found wanting when it comes to Autism unawareness and fundraising involvement; as all of Alabama (with special highlight of the Autism Society of Alabama) would by now know of the annual 5K Walk for Autism. The center also provides complimentary services for the autistic and their families. So Alabama is not left in the dust when it comes on to doing their part.

The World Awareness day was decorated with a specific theme for 2016 by the UN: “Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity.” RedyMoney will have you know that neurodiversity theory promotes/ seeks to promote that normal variations in the human genome can result in various neurological conditions. In other words, a call to embrace a theory which will result in more inclusion of the now marginalized groups/individuals based on their learning ability, brain functions etc.

Looks like an amount to take in, however, various activities etc will be hosted all through to April 8, 2016, all surrounding the topic. Get there if you can, be informed, get involved.

autism inclusion
Every person has the same basic needs (food, clothes, shelter) and complementary substantive needs. An autistic is no different, it is one of being special and there should be discrimination in uniqueness. Do your part today.

Have a exceptional weekend!!!

RedyMoney welcomes April with a broad smile. We inhale the first breaths of fresh air for a deep cleanse of March and making room for April.

Hey April !!! #waves We have waited for you and are glad that you are here. We hope you bring good tidings.

biggest prank
April Fools anyone???

To the RedyMoney family, we wish you the best for the month and on this first weekend, we say: “peace be with you…..”

peaceful weekend