Monday Inspiration…..

Welcome, RedyMoney family to a new week of possibilities and opportunities.

We know it has been all of seven days since our last update(#hand-covers-mouth), however, you, our extended family have not been far from our thoughts and you are always our priority as we endeavor to provide updates and information that is relevant, relatable and usable.

Today is the perfect day to be encouraged to use your talents. When you give your  talent a say in your various tasks, they no longer seem like a sacrifice but a privilege. Pus, you get so caught up to looking forward to work that you forget what day it is!!!

Monday april 18  motivation RedyMoney
#Know your Talent.. #Make your Motivation be to use that Talent to better the world around you. #Let your Attitude reflect an unending supply of enthusiasm and optimism that at the end of your road, you would have actualized your Talent and transformed lives.

Remember now, how your Monday starts unwittingly sets the tone for the remainder of your week. RedyMoney hopes you had an early start, for those of us that need to structure our day with the good-‘ole pen-to-paper routine. #Paper-to-do-list. Have a focus and delve into one task at a time.

We wish you the best of luck and we hope that a productive tone has been set that will transform your week.

Monday to take over the world
Take over your world today, with focus that leads to a productive day.

And we cannot sign off, without something to look forward to:

RedyMoney has a riddle for you, (don’t go googling it now….. #eyes-on-you)

“Saturday and Sunday, I am big.
Tuesday through Thursday, I am small.
Monday and Friday, I am non-existent.
What am I?”

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