Happy Thursday family!!!

To those near and far: clap if you are glad the week is winding down and you are just enough hours away from the weekend…….(#listens for clapping).

Much has happened since our last update and two days of observance that RedyMoney just has to tell you about. You can say we worked through the days, however, we aim to keep you informed.

  • April 27 (yesterday) is the day the International Association of Administrative Professionals which observes individuals of the administrative field, recognize and laud their contribution to each organization (irrespective of the sector), support their development and to revolutionalise the administrative field with the hopes of attracting more individuals. Note: this is a secular, non-public holiday, however, it has been observed for many years, observance of which, has increased the quality of standards of operation for the Administrative Professionals. After all, who doesn’t  like to feel lauded and more so, rightly appreciated??? To all Administrative Professionals (secretaries, receptionists, clerks, PAs and everyone else that supports a manager, board or department) – RedyMoney salutes you!!!!


happy administrative professionals day
Kindly accept RedyMoney’s belated yet sincere wishes.#hugs #flowers
  • Today, is an Internationally observed day, championed by the UN and seconded by the International Labor Organization, for Health and Safety in the workplace. Each work environment comes with both predetermined and circumstantial stresses and increased demands. Occupational hazards, labor intense tasks etc all are items of concern, which each year gets some amount of attention for remedial actions. Last year’s theme surrounded necessary preventative methods to be taken when considering health and safety in the workplace. This has resulted in a transformation to come up with this year’s theme; with the spotlight now on “Stress in the workplace”. You know how this goes, the various committees would head activities surrounding this theme right back until next year this time. Not only will they explore the various stressors  and how to alleviate same, but also to reinforce a system of remedial action. Whether stress or accident on the job, each has adverse effects on any organization, primarily in a financial and operational sense. 
world day of health safety at work 2016
The UN’s focus is long overdue on safety and protection at all times, in as many ways as possible, for any organization’s prime assets, its workers.

With all this information, RedyMoney sends you back to work, wishing you each, a super productive day. Get as much done as you can, break when our brain slows down; this way you look forward to a well deserved hedonism on this approaching weekend and every other.



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