Goodbye May…It was our pleasure…

A wonderful Tuesday afternoon it is, and the RedyMoney family is indeed blessed that we have made it this far. We, of course, have further to look, with our valued customers, our extended family.

Today is observed as World No Tobacco day and it is as simple as the plea: #No to Tobacco. Public education on the health risks of Tobacco intake are increased on the day and the various related campaigns are started. Essentially, each individual may be free to conduct themselves as preferred in privacy. The World Health Organization (WHO) hopes through increased public education, individuals may become more conscious of how their conduct in public adversely affects their fellow human. Ideally, the WHO hopes to discourage the continued habit of Tobacco intake, of course, without breaching basic rights.

WHO - world no tobacco day 2016
Standardized, plain packaging is what the WHO is asking for from companies whose products contain Tobacco.

To those who celebrate their birthdays today, a special shout out to you and everyone else that was born in the fifth month.

goodbye May Hello June
We welcome June and all its newness. It’s unique set of experiences and lessons alike. RedyMoney wishes you nothing less than a fulfilled June as you all work towards your individual goals.



Rejoice on your Mountains…..

A happy Friday to you, RedyMoney family. During our periods of calm and smooth sailing, we often find ourselves reflecting on our life’s journey. Do you ever wonder, after achieving a specific goal: “now what?”

Overtime, RedyMoney has recognized the need for consistent motivation to our customers, as though you be connected to us through business, many factors of the country/world, have an impact on you, whether directly or indirectly. We are here to encourage you.

Today’s quote is: “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” – Andy Rooney

What this means is this: there is nothing to be ashamed of in your struggles and your climbs. Claim them as your small victories. It gives the best feeling when you look back at all you have been through and triumphed over.  Would you have preferred at this point in your life to have just woken up one day, conscious only of the fact that you have achieved your goals, but no recollection of how you got there? No recollection of the lessons you would have learnt, lives you would have impacted or other aspirations? 

RedyMoney says rejoice in your climb up the various mountains you go through daily. It is testament of your will, strength and perseverance. This way you never had to utter a word about your achievements as they would be obvious for all who know you, to see.

We will right
Come on….. We will……… Right?????




Where is my Child???

This question, on this day, especially, is on the mind of every parent now, whose child is missing, whether a runaway or an abductee. Fraught with constant worry and anxiety of the ‘not knowing’ of what is happening to their loved ones at any given minute and coupled with the insistent concern that any given moment may be their loved ones last moment, without them knowing, paints a gruesomely painful picture of the reality of many parents today, trapped in despair and psychological cripple that they have had to battle since day one when they couldn’t find their child, or their child was not where they are usually/ supposed to be. This could be the reality your immediate neighbor or that quiet family two doors down the block. 

Yet parents are consistently told: ‘Do not give up HOPE’, ‘ you cannot LOSE HOPE’. Easier said than done.

Greetings to the RedyMoney family, as we say a welcome to all near and far, we long to hear from you. But today, we have a more pressing civil duty to perform. How much do you know and/or care about the children that go missing in the US? Today, May 25, is International Missing Children’s Day. As a member state with Global Missing Children’s Network, we here in the US, through the National Centre of Missing & Exploited Children, have, since our inauguration, used the day to send out a nationwide cry and plea to our citizens to do whatever they can to help us recover our children. 

Forget me not RedyMoney
RedyMoney uses our medium and whatever influence we have to spread our children’s plea from their confinements: Forget Me Not. They ask that we not forget them, that they lived and loved. Let us declare that we will not forget as if we do so, our perpetrators have won without us putting up the best fight we have within us. Let us send a message of hope into the atmosphere and pray that our children’s hearts are comforted by the fact the fact that we will do all in our power to find them. Let us also provide hope and encouragement for the families that sweats bullets each day, waiting to hear some news. Help RedyMoney to share their burdens.

RedyMoney appeals to the very soft spot inside all citizens’ hearts, to make this country-wide concern, a part of our civic duty to our great country. Look out for the children on the streets, they do not have to be ours. We are more than capable of protecting our own, and we entreat you all to be cautious and teach your children vigilance. Just in the instance that you cannot actively get involved in the Missing Children movement, consider how you would feel if your child went missing, even after you have taught them street smartness, good feelings, bad feelings, everything. Whatever you feel that is brought on by an active imagination is the reality of many parents. 

RedyMoney encourages you to use this simple fact as impetus to empathize with our families that have experienced great loss, void and incompletion, since the day they were robbed of their precious gems, their pride and joy. RedyMoney dares you to.

RedyMoney lauds the effort, of all small and large, that have been providing support for the distraught families, purely out of necessity and the goodness within them rather than the attention of the public. This is an essential service. Broken/ incomplete homes do not secure the future that we want for our generation. Let us do all we can to bring our children home.

For the families that are in agony, RedyMoney empathizes with you at this point and we pray that though not an easy feat, some hope will seep into your hearts and renew your spirits to provide renewed energy where necessary and comfort all round.

Do you know where your child is?

It is almost Mid May!!!!

Just a couple days ago, RedyMoney helped you welcome May, in fine dining style. Now it is 11 days into the month, one has to contemplate:”time does fly when you are having fun.” We hope that your month has been productive and fulfilling, nothing less than what you had intended to achieve and obtain. P.s. we know that ticking complete goals off your list, brings a heady rush of achievement and a confidence that cannot be attained differently.

RedyMoney would like to point out two days of special observances, happening on the horizon:

  • May 12 (tomorrow) is a a day proclaimed by the International Council of Nurses and observed around the world to be International Nurses Day. Like an extension of RedyMoney’s Nurses’Day post, this international day seeks to bring to the attention of all, the important contribution of nurses to our world, whilst striving to address key matters affecting the health care field. The world welcomes all aspiring nurses and we at RedyMoney, especially, say there is a place for each to you to make your mark and leave your footprints in others’ lives. The 2016 theme for International Nurses Day is ‘a force for change: improving health systems’ resilience’.  Backed by the UN and guided by objectives to achieve Sustainable development, this year’s theme seeks to shine the spotlight on how health systems can be improved the world, in every single setting, to achieve the primary goal of more efficient and accessible to all. 
international nurses day 2016
RedyMoney salutes all nurses already practicing and sacrificing self each day their take on the banner of caring holistically for their patients.
international day of families
“Without a family,man, alone in the world, trembles in the cold.” – Andre Maurois

Families care for each other and look out the individual and collective best interests of all. In this unity, confidences are formed, selves are strengthened and there is an endless supply of support, emotionally, physically, financially etc. So you see where RedyMoney’s heart lays when we extend our family to all that come to us seeking a solution.

As RedyMoney says farewell and we ship you off to your respective productive days, we leave you with some Wednesday morning inspiration:

search for rainbows
Rainbows signify salvation, a new dawning, everything in the new, which you cannot find in the past, as the passed has already happened. A simple yet profound entreat. Have a blessed and productive day RedyMoney family!!!


It is another Friday in the country, last week we said goodbye to April (for good, for 2016 at least). Since then,we would have switched (around Saturday night) to a welcoming mode, saying hello to May. A new month, with new opportunities on the horizon, new potential for growth, as you decide to take on each day’s challenges, resolute to give your best efforts, dedication and attitude. RedyMoney says go forth and conquer May, as we know you have all preceding months under your belt.

Today is National Nurses Day,the day observed in the US to honor the country’s nurses and to recognize their great contribution and service to our country. RedyMoney says shout out to all you nurses, especially those in our neck of the woods. In our hospitals, our care centers, clinics, schools, everywhere you are, RedyMoney says you should stand proud, you are a caregiver, providing a service that could never be more appropriately priced than when the health and longevity of your patients are improved/increased. We know of your small and large sacrifices to answer to a calling of caring, without bounds, limits or prejudices. 

happy nurses day
“I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence, all matters committed to my keeping.” – Florence Nightingale

Special Shout out to those who will be able to attend the Cullman Strawberry Festival this weekend. Go for the strawberries, stay for the show and entertainment.

Cullman festival
Strawberries anyone????

And because it is Friday, RedyMoney wishes you fantastic close of the day and your week, and hope you sail off into the weekend, unencumbered. We will see you on the other side of next week, fresh, rejuvenated and totally up to the week’s tasks.

keep some room

Happy Monday RedyMoney Family!!!

It is a good day to give thanks indeed!!! RedyMoney sincerely hopes you had a restful weekend and you are gearing to go again. We would like to give you a productive tip for your week, and if these tips are helpful (or not) do not hesitate to let us know.

“Create a list of “Once a Days.”

Many things only need to be done once per day, twice at most. Checking voicemail and Facebook are some examples. Create a list of your personal “once a days” and make sure these tasks aren’t creeping into your workload unnecessarily.” (thank you to our friends over at

On those ‘once a day’ tasks that you usually do, outside of routine posts from RedyMoney, you may find the internet buzzing with two days of observation, (#oops) on the same day. Let’s dissect:

world asthma day 2016
You can make a decision: pollutants (air and water) have adverse effects on your Asthma. As much as you can, stay away from emissions of harmful substances.

And to think, the very nature of the job is to provide information to the general populace, who for the most part are not privy to meetings themselves or not even included in decision making processes; on matters that will undoubtedly affect them, mind you. It is in this regard especially, that the press becomes important, and this is just one facet. There is also the safety and protection for the news bearers themselves

world press freedom 2016
Transparency and truthful reporting should be the fundamentals of the journalism profession. And whilst the journalists are dutifully enacting what they have been mandated; dear governing bodies, please grant them freedom and protection, within which they can carry out their duties. Giving the public access to information they would not have had otherwise is a public service. To every journalist: RedyMoney salutes all your good work.

We have said more than a mouthful an enough to keep you filled until we meet again!!!