Happy Monday RedyMoney Family!!!

It is a good day to give thanks indeed!!! RedyMoney sincerely hopes you had a restful weekend and you are gearing to go again. We would like to give you a productive tip for your week, and if these tips are helpful (or not) do not hesitate to let us know.

“Create a list of “Once a Days.”

Many things only need to be done once per day, twice at most. Checking voicemail and Facebook are some examples. Create a list of your personal “once a days” and make sure these tasks aren’t creeping into your workload unnecessarily.” (thank you to our friends over at entrepreneur.com)

On those ‘once a day’ tasks that you usually do, outside of routine posts from RedyMoney, you may find the internet buzzing with two days of observation, (#oops) on the same day. Let’s dissect:

world asthma day 2016
You can make a decision: pollutants (air and water) have adverse effects on your Asthma. As much as you can, stay away from emissions of harmful substances.

And to think, the very nature of the job is to provide information to the general populace, who for the most part are not privy to meetings themselves or not even included in decision making processes; on matters that will undoubtedly affect them, mind you. It is in this regard especially, that the press becomes important, and this is just one facet. There is also the safety and protection for the news bearers themselves

world press freedom 2016
Transparency and truthful reporting should be the fundamentals of the journalism profession. And whilst the journalists are dutifully enacting what they have been mandated; dear governing bodies, please grant them freedom and protection, within which they can carry out their duties. Giving the public access to information they would not have had otherwise is a public service. To every journalist: RedyMoney salutes all your good work.

We have said more than a mouthful an enough to keep you filled until we meet again!!!


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