It is almost Mid May!!!!

Just a couple days ago, RedyMoney helped you welcome May, in fine dining style. Now it is 11 days into the month, one has to contemplate:”time does fly when you are having fun.” We hope that your month has been productive and fulfilling, nothing less than what you had intended to achieve and obtain. P.s. we know that ticking complete goals off your list, brings a heady rush of achievement and a confidence that cannot be attained differently.

RedyMoney would like to point out two days of special observances, happening on the horizon:

  • May 12 (tomorrow) is a a day proclaimed by the International Council of Nurses and observed around the world to be International Nurses Day. Like an extension of RedyMoney’s Nurses’Day post, this international day seeks to bring to the attention of all, the important contribution of nurses to our world, whilst striving to address key matters affecting the health care field. The world welcomes all aspiring nurses and we at RedyMoney, especially, say there is a place for each to you to make your mark and leave your footprints in others’ lives. The 2016 theme for International Nurses Day is ‘a force for change: improving health systems’ resilience’.  Backed by the UN and guided by objectives to achieve Sustainable development, this year’s theme seeks to shine the spotlight on how health systems can be improved the world, in every single setting, to achieve the primary goal of more efficient and accessible to all. 
international nurses day 2016
RedyMoney salutes all nurses already practicing and sacrificing self each day their take on the banner of caring holistically for their patients.
international day of families
“Without a family,man, alone in the world, trembles in the cold.” – Andre Maurois

Families care for each other and look out the individual and collective best interests of all. In this unity, confidences are formed, selves are strengthened and there is an endless supply of support, emotionally, physically, financially etc. So you see where RedyMoney’s heart lays when we extend our family to all that come to us seeking a solution.

As RedyMoney says farewell and we ship you off to your respective productive days, we leave you with some Wednesday morning inspiration:

search for rainbows
Rainbows signify salvation, a new dawning, everything in the new, which you cannot find in the past, as the passed has already happened. A simple yet profound entreat. Have a blessed and productive day RedyMoney family!!!

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