Where is my Child???

This question, on this day, especially, is on the mind of every parent now, whose child is missing, whether a runaway or an abductee. Fraught with constant worry and anxiety of the ‘not knowing’ of what is happening to their loved ones at any given minute and coupled with the insistent concern that any given moment may be their loved ones last moment, without them knowing, paints a gruesomely painful picture of the reality of many parents today, trapped in despair and psychological cripple that they have had to battle since day one when they couldn’t find their child, or their child was not where they are usually/ supposed to be. This could be the reality your immediate neighbor or that quiet family two doors down the block. 

Yet parents are consistently told: ‘Do not give up HOPE’, ‘ you cannot LOSE HOPE’. Easier said than done.

Greetings to the RedyMoney family, as we say a welcome to all near and far, we long to hear from you. But today, we have a more pressing civil duty to perform. How much do you know and/or care about the children that go missing in the US? Today, May 25, is International Missing Children’s Day. As a member state with Global Missing Children’s Network, we here in the US, through the National Centre of Missing & Exploited Children, have, since our inauguration, used the day to send out a nationwide cry and plea to our citizens to do whatever they can to help us recover our children. 

Forget me not RedyMoney
RedyMoney uses our medium and whatever influence we have to spread our children’s plea from their confinements: Forget Me Not. They ask that we not forget them, that they lived and loved. Let us declare that we will not forget as if we do so, our perpetrators have won without us putting up the best fight we have within us. Let us send a message of hope into the atmosphere and pray that our children’s hearts are comforted by the fact the fact that we will do all in our power to find them. Let us also provide hope and encouragement for the families that sweats bullets each day, waiting to hear some news. Help RedyMoney to share their burdens.

RedyMoney appeals to the very soft spot inside all citizens’ hearts, to make this country-wide concern, a part of our civic duty to our great country. Look out for the children on the streets, they do not have to be ours. We are more than capable of protecting our own, and we entreat you all to be cautious and teach your children vigilance. Just in the instance that you cannot actively get involved in the Missing Children movement, consider how you would feel if your child went missing, even after you have taught them street smartness, good feelings, bad feelings, everything. Whatever you feel that is brought on by an active imagination is the reality of many parents. 

RedyMoney encourages you to use this simple fact as impetus to empathize with our families that have experienced great loss, void and incompletion, since the day they were robbed of their precious gems, their pride and joy. RedyMoney dares you to.

RedyMoney lauds the effort, of all small and large, that have been providing support for the distraught families, purely out of necessity and the goodness within them rather than the attention of the public. This is an essential service. Broken/ incomplete homes do not secure the future that we want for our generation. Let us do all we can to bring our children home.

For the families that are in agony, RedyMoney empathizes with you at this point and we pray that though not an easy feat, some hope will seep into your hearts and renew your spirits to provide renewed energy where necessary and comfort all round.

Do you know where your child is?


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