Rejoice on your Mountains…..

A happy Friday to you, RedyMoney family. During our periods of calm and smooth sailing, we often find ourselves reflecting on our life’s journey. Do you ever wonder, after achieving a specific goal: “now what?”

Overtime, RedyMoney has recognized the need for consistent motivation to our customers, as though you be connected to us through business, many factors of the country/world, have an impact on you, whether directly or indirectly. We are here to encourage you.

Today’s quote is: “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” – Andy Rooney

What this means is this: there is nothing to be ashamed of in your struggles and your climbs. Claim them as your small victories. It gives the best feeling when you look back at all you have been through and triumphed over.  Would you have preferred at this point in your life to have just woken up one day, conscious only of the fact that you have achieved your goals, but no recollection of how you got there? No recollection of the lessons you would have learnt, lives you would have impacted or other aspirations? 

RedyMoney says rejoice in your climb up the various mountains you go through daily. It is testament of your will, strength and perseverance. This way you never had to utter a word about your achievements as they would be obvious for all who know you, to see.

We will right
Come on….. We will……… Right?????




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