Goodbye May…It was our pleasure…

A wonderful Tuesday afternoon it is, and the RedyMoney family is indeed blessed that we have made it this far. We, of course, have further to look, with our valued customers, our extended family.

Today is observed as World No Tobacco day and it is as simple as the plea: #No to Tobacco. Public education on the health risks of Tobacco intake are increased on the day and the various related campaigns are started. Essentially, each individual may be free to conduct themselves as preferred in privacy. The World Health Organization (WHO) hopes through increased public education, individuals may become more conscious of how their conduct in public adversely affects their fellow human. Ideally, the WHO hopes to discourage the continued habit of Tobacco intake, of course, without breaching basic rights.

WHO - world no tobacco day 2016
Standardized, plain packaging is what the WHO is asking for from companies whose products contain Tobacco.

To those who celebrate their birthdays today, a special shout out to you and everyone else that was born in the fifth month.

goodbye May Hello June
We welcome June and all its newness. It’s unique set of experiences and lessons alike. RedyMoney wishes you nothing less than a fulfilled June as you all work towards your individual goals.


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