Goodbye June………

Dear June: Thank you for your sun, festivities and celebrations. However, all good things must come to an end; we will never forget you, we will miss you. Same time, same place – next year???(#smiles).

It is the last day of the 6th month of the year. Halfway through 2016, and we may want to pause and heave an exhale…..(#aaaahhhh). RedyMoney sincerely hopes that the first half of 2016, has taught you some valuable lessons and earned some small victories along the way. Use these as motivation to tackle the second half of 2016. Consider it a second chance to again go back to your goals ad objectives and take a good, hard look.


Happiness Requires Actions
Embrace the second half of the year, RedyMoney will be there with you, and we give you this inspirational quote for the second half, from Dalai Lama.

There is much to look forward to in July. Throughout the first 6 months, RedyMoney brought you various updates on International Days observed, productivity tips, inspiration and financial news. It was our pleasure and you can depend on us and our blog to continue to keep you updated, informed and always inspired. Remember all the weekends we looked forward to, together? There is more of that in store, God sparing ALL our lives. 

Happy Half Year
In all of it, stay on top of your goals and objectives that you had outlined for yourselves.

Wherever you are in Alabama, RedyMoney endears all to empathize with those of our country folk that are being affected by the severe drought conditions. To all others of us, who may not be affected now, RedyMoney encourages you to do everything you possibly can to control how much water you use and to conserve.

Stock up on your water, in anticipating the projection of less rain and use water conservatively, to take care of needs mostly.

Help us say Happy Birthday!!! To two powerful and gifted celebrities, in Birthday Corner!!!

If you do not hear from us for the rest of this half of the year….. See you all in the next half!!!





Do a Kind deed this weekend….

It is the weekend and RedyMoney hopes your week is off to a satisfactory close and into another relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. We will keep it short and direct today. Our inspiration comes from Aesop and has a profound message that can change the way you think about kindness and how uncomplicated it is: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.We need not say more on the matter, other than that we totally agree and encourage you to revive your thinking about every time you have ever been kind and the many opportunities you have of being kind.

“All countries and all people need a public service that is competent, equipped and well-resourced. Public service needs to be diverse and ethical. It needs to be dedicated to effectively serving people and improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable.”                                                        – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

RedyMoney gives it to you word-for-word from the Secretary himself.To all the Alabamians in Public Sector and those aspiring to the field, consider yourselves heroes. Everyday you give of yourself and your resources, for others benefit outside of your own, makes you a true countryman/woman. Loyal, protective and involved in the advancement of your homeland. RedyMoney hopes all Public Servants had a well appreciated day. Our public servants are the back-bones of our governments, the ones working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us on our set paths.

Public Service
We at RedyMoney do not appreciate you only on the day designated for you, but everyday. We hope  you had a good one.

On another serious matter, as RedyMoney hopes through our blogs, we spark the kind, compassionate and protective natures in all who are within our reach,this Sunday, June 26, is International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking. Drugs have great potential to be dangerous, if not contained and used as prescribed, if prescribed. This year, the UN is encouraging families to listen first and foremost, to the children, which is very important if they are to grow healthy and in a safe, nurturing environment. Again, it comes back to families. RedyMoney is certainly not saying you willfully push your children/ loved ones to taking drugs (illicitly) but being a caring, present being and a listening hear, gives them less conviction to do so.

Be the first to listen to your children and it will become almost automatic for them to come to you in difficult times.
Show Kindness
It is always humbling & spiritually uplifting to see acts of kindness. Be kind to someone today.

Have a blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!

Happiness leads to Success….

Without further ado, RedyMoney delves right into this week and getting it off on the best start. It is not too late, to have a productive week. And for those of us, who use Mondays to chart the week and detailed tasks and objectives, by now, you should have rolled up your sleeve and already start to apply your focus to each task. Aspire after what Herman Cain has to add:”Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” . Simply put, you are encouraged, if you are not counted in the quoted number, to discover what is that makes you happy, and do more of it.

On Monday, June 20, World Refugee Day was observed, spearheaded by the UN. A refugee is anyone that has had to flee their home country due to war and violence. When refugees come to the US soil, they are still fearful and traumatized.  They have been uprooted from their birth lands and in order to stay alive, are now seeking refuge in another place. Let us as Americans, count ourselves blessed to be able to provide refuge for those that have been uprooted. Most refugees are victims and are seeking a chance to start over. What they should encounter is marginalization, discrimination and further victimization. For the most part, primary focus has been placed on the social, economical, educational rehabilitation of these refugees, less focus, per se, on the psychological rehabilitation.

World Refugee Day 2016
Do you know any refugees? It is serious matter. The UN calls for solidarity from all. As citizens, we too have a role to play. Find out how you can help a refugee today.

As you ruminate on all that is happening around the world, RedyMoney encourages you to live for others as well as yourself. So, when we also promote healthy lifestyle practices, this will ensure that you live longer and can live for others longer; the perfect formula. Yoga is about simple meditation and focused breathing practices with a collection of benefits.

Basic Yoga postures

Today, June 21, is International Day of Yoga, the second observance of the day. Let us answer the call in our own homes and communities to promote Yoga, if for only health reasons. They don’t look too complicated or painful, right?

There are fun and exciting ways to incorporate yoga in your daily routines, even the kids can get involved.

And in our birthday corner……

If you have a birthday today, you share it with these wonderful people!!!

Have a blessed week RedyMoney family!!!

This Father’s Day….

RedyMoney signs in to help send you off into an involved weekend. Father’s Day is this Sunday, and it is not too late to think of something that will make your Dad feel extra special as well as there must be one thing that you learn about your father, with the simple goal of knowing him better, overall. #GiveDadSomethingSpecial #LearnSomethingUniqueAboutDad #TellDadYouAppreciateHim

There is a Father’s Day dinner cruise and other businesses have used the day as an opportunity to provide customer’s with various value-added discounts. Alabama’s capital has surprises for the Fathers this weekend!!!

RedyMoney would like the opportunity before you sail off on that #HuntingTrip with your dad, this weekend, and make some good memories.

Happy Father’s Day when it comes!!!

Have a blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!


Do Good Always. End Victimization.

Raise your hand if your neck of the woods is experiencing #scattered thunderstorms. Lol.  You heard it here first and we heard it from Google.

Welcome back to another week in June, to all RedyMoney family, friends, customers and everyone in between,we hope that you had a relaxing and refreshing weekend and you are ready to take on this  week’s tasks, opportunities and lessons. May your week be off to a splendid start and RedyMoney endeavors to put you in the frame of mind for working, living and giving. We give you Mary Lou Retton: “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” We hope this thought resonates with you throughout this week. Let this thought guide your actions towards good, goodness and kindness never hurts.

Albino Children
Albinism is a congenital disorder,meaning a defect before or at birth, and it depends on the circumstances. What do we do to this group that appear to be different? Not ostracize and victimize. No.

 We include them, as much as possible, not as a minority, but a special set, that need more empathy, more support and more care from ALL of us. The UN’s vision to be achieved by 2030 is to leave no one behind. This will not happen on January 1, 2030 at 00:01 am. Simply put, it is not an overnight feat and certainly not one we just arbitrarily decide to pay attention to or not pay attention to. This is a matter of human rights, basic human rights mind you, not opinions, which everyone has. 

International Albinism Awareness Day
Instead, a matter of that fundamental right to live, as you were born on this earth and not Pluto. There should be no restriction to you based on you not having enough pigment in your skin, especially since it was not a matter you had control over or even a say in the matter. 

RedyMoney says NO!!! to all forms of discrimination.

A perfect instance of exemplifying RedyMoney’s motivation to stay positive and do good wherever you can, is donating Blood, tomorrow, as World Blood Donor Day is recognized. We truly are all connected by blood and RedyMoney is giving you an understandable amount of notice to decide if you will share your blood this Day.

World Blood Donor Day 2016
1. Getting a good night’s rest. 2. Drinking plenty water/ nonalcoholic beverages. 3. If eating on the day of donating, stay away from fatty foods.

RedyMoney knows you are thinking about this selfless service of giving blood, that may save someone else’s life. We encourage you to check with your clinics, hospitals and other centers that will be collecting blood. Ascertain if you meet the requirements for donating and then go out tomorrow in your numbers and give some blood.

RedyMoney would also wishes, before we go, to offer our condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones in the mass shooting at the club in Orlando, Florida. There is no amount of words that can offer condolences enough. RedyMoney prays to the Almighty that you ALL find solace, refuge and comfort in him. That he comforts you through your mourning and that, though you mourn, you have mercy on the souls that have hurt you, so HE in turn can be merciful to you. It may not be attainable, but we also beseech of the Almighty to place forgiveness in your hearts. Not only your loved ones have been victimized but you too have been as you now have to cope with this great loss. You remain in our prayers.

With this much said, RedyMoney wishes you a productive and fulfilling start of the week. Stay tuned for more post throughout the week.



RedyMoney wishes for you a Lovely Weekend!!!

To all RedyMoney friends, families, customers and associates, we say, we hope you did your best this week ending and if not as much as you had hoped, you have next week to put “more back into it”. We send you off to a restful, rejuvenative and purposeful weekend, whatever you it is that you do. It is more fulfilling, when you have immersed of yourselves and your thoughts into your tasks. Tasks ranging from shopping to family get together and everything in between. Waste not a moment because it can never come back to you. Make every moment a Memory.

Whilst you go about your routine tasks, RedyMoney is throwing in an extra charge to, as a part of our “get informed and stay informed” initiative, where we give you necessary  updates from around the world, that can impact good ‘ole Alabama or good ‘ole Alabama can contribute to.

This Sunday, June 12, is internationally observed (and duly ratified by the UN of course) as World Day Against Child Labour. This is and has been, an infectious virus that has been directly and indirectly plaguing our society. There is a much credence in teaching children responsibility and integrity in not being lazy, which should be done at the familial level. It is a different story altogether, to outright exploit a child either by persuasion or brute force to labour towards any end. Children are to be constantly cared for and provided for without being threatened to “pull their own weight”. It is a right as child, certainly not a privilege, to have their basic needs being met in a comfortable, healthy and sustained environment.

RedyMoney encourages you all to observe the businesses around that are purporting to an aim of attracting younger people into their fields. Their intent may not always be altruistic. 

Child Labour
Again, RedyMoney shares the view, that nothing is wrong with a child earning pocket money, whilst learning valuable lessons about work and responsibility, but we say a stern NO to any demand of the child, in any shape or form, that deprives them of their childhood, freedom of choice, education and forming positive views of adults which will see them trustful or mistrustful. 10 years at child labour has aged this young man fast forward maybe 50 years or so at normal age progression.

Use yourself as a measuring stick or put yourself in the setting you observe the child in, if a task is taxing on you, rest assured, it is more so taxing and it has potential to deprive an adult, it is taking even more from a child!!! It needs to stop!!! Do not think twice of reporting the matter, especially if it may be a well respected citizen, their life is of no more value than a child’s. Children should benefit that the equality that everyone is pushing for.

RedyMoney is tasking all of you, to go out, not just this weekend, but any day that the evidence presents itself, to not fail to make a report of these citings of child labour. These children should be in school or at home in a warm bed, surrounded by a loving family. These businessmen are denying them this right and so are each of you, when you fail to make it a duty to report the matters.

Happy Weekend RedyMoney June
Have a Happy Weekend RedyMoney family!!!


First Tuesday in June…

How does this Tuesday feel? For sure, it should feel like no other,as it is the first Tuesday in June. RedyMoney wishes that your week has been off to a desired start, and we are adding our two cents worth of inspiration to your week: It is more fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament over it.” – Seneca. RedyMoney encourages you to flex your funny bone more than you restrict it. You are encouraged to more of the things that make you laugh and simply shine from the inside. Lamenting deteriorates the quality of your life whilst, good natured humor can make a bad situation a little more tolerable. Some of our anxiety regarding the demands of life, is our perception and reaction to them. #Have a cup of Humor today!!!

If you simply can’t self-generate humor, there is bound to be humor at parties and get-togethers. Take a stroll down to any of these locations, or chances are high that you may have to drive, but get there. There are activities for kids, family events and everything in between. All the fests, barbecues and star gazing cannot go to waste….

We at RedyMoney invite you to do all partying endorsed, but to do so responsibly and wisely:June 8, is World Oceans Day, and we see how human and nature interact with each other for each’s benefit or detriment. In this post, RedyMoney encourages you (well, all human) to strive at establishing and maintaining a more mutually beneficial balance between human and nature. Certainly both entities can co-exist without opposition. Tomorrow is all about the ocean, the largest body of water, that is home for all marine life. Even if not directly, in most cases, remnants of freshwater life end up in the ocean. It is the last stop. As ratified by the UN, RedyMoney endorses, healthier practices that consider the “lung of our planet.” As mere humans, we too, can play our part in caring for the Ocean (safely from land): 1. Use less plastic. 2. Care for the beach. 3. Dispose of waste responsibly (recycle where possible), as most inevitably ends up on the ocean floor. 4. Discourage destructive fishing. When purchasing seafood, do so from environmentally conscious sources.

World Ocean Day 2016
Ocean Fact: Did you know that 95% of the Ocean and its life remains unexplored?

The Oceans are the Earth’s anchors. If we do not sustain them, how can they sustain us?

RedyMoney wishes for you, a fulfilling and happy week!!!



Hello June!!!!

RedyMoney welcomes June with renewed enthusiasm, optimism and focus and we encourage all our customers, their families and friends to do the same. Let your accomplishments thus far, regardless how small they may seem, be the determining factor on your progress and not the size of the challenges that you fear. Remember: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

June rose 2016
RedyMoney gives all our customers this beautiful rose on the second day of June, and what better to welcome you all to the month? Did you know that the beloved rose is the birth flower for June?

We are ecstatic to welcome June, but RedyMoney, we pause the euphoria, and of course pay our respect, too, to all our soldiers that have given selfless service to our great country in the American Civil War. #MemorialDay2016.

June 1, was the proclaimed day by the UN, to be Global Day of Parents. You know, RedyMoney especially reveres the days that have the ratification of the UN. It then warms the heart, that such a large organization realizes the importance of strong and solid foundations. Of course, they would have been hypocrites to exclude such an important unit from their scope of missions to promote the intergovernmental cohesiveness and cooperation that they have been laboring to, since 1945.

United Nations Global day of parents
June 1, every year, is the day to honor parents. It is reinforced the importance of a cohesive unit and solid foundation for all children. There is no under-scoring the importance of a stable family and in extension, the environment that is necessary to ensure our children are protected, provided for, sheltered and having access to all resources at the time.

RedyMoney has hit a treasure trove for June,as it has started off quite pleasing. With enough holidays in the first week, in your extra-curricular time, our RedyMoney family will see how they can contribute to the various causes. We have coming this Sunday, World Environment Day, ratified by the UN no less. This year, the theme is surrounding encouraging all citizens to be of care to species (animals and plants alike) that are of threat of extinction, realize that they too are a community and in extension, a part of our ecosystem. If you know next to nothing about at risk species, then some reading will do you wonders. 

World Environment Day 2016
This Sunday, do something to preserve your environment.
Friday humor
Friday Humor anyone???

Have a blessed Friday Eve!!!