Hello June!!!!

RedyMoney welcomes June with renewed enthusiasm, optimism and focus and we encourage all our customers, their families and friends to do the same. Let your accomplishments thus far, regardless how small they may seem, be the determining factor on your progress and not the size of the challenges that you fear. Remember: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

June rose 2016
RedyMoney gives all our customers this beautiful rose on the second day of June, and what better to welcome you all to the month? Did you know that the beloved rose is the birth flower for June?

We are ecstatic to welcome June, but RedyMoney, we pause the euphoria, and of course pay our respect, too, to all our soldiers that have given selfless service to our great country in the American Civil War. #MemorialDay2016.

June 1, was the proclaimed day by the UN, to be Global Day of Parents. You know, RedyMoney especially reveres the days that have the ratification of the UN. It then warms the heart, that such a large organization realizes the importance of strong and solid foundations. Of course, they would have been hypocrites to exclude such an important unit from their scope of missions to promote the intergovernmental cohesiveness and cooperation that they have been laboring to, since 1945.

United Nations Global day of parents
June 1, every year, is the day to honor parents. It is reinforced the importance of a cohesive unit and solid foundation for all children. There is no under-scoring the importance of a stable family and in extension, the environment that is necessary to ensure our children are protected, provided for, sheltered and having access to all resources at the time.

RedyMoney has hit a treasure trove for June,as it has started off quite pleasing. With enough holidays in the first week, in your extra-curricular time, our RedyMoney family will see how they can contribute to the various causes. We have coming this Sunday, World Environment Day, ratified by the UN no less. This year, the theme is surrounding encouraging all citizens to be of care to species (animals and plants alike) that are of threat of extinction, realize that they too are a community and in extension, a part of our ecosystem. If you know next to nothing about at risk species, then some reading will do you wonders. 

World Environment Day 2016
This Sunday, do something to preserve your environment.
Friday humor
Friday Humor anyone???

Have a blessed Friday Eve!!!







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