First Tuesday in June…

How does this Tuesday feel? For sure, it should feel like no other,as it is the first Tuesday in June. RedyMoney wishes that your week has been off to a desired start, and we are adding our two cents worth of inspiration to your week: It is more fitting for a man to laugh at life than to lament over it.” – Seneca. RedyMoney encourages you to flex your funny bone more than you restrict it. You are encouraged to more of the things that make you laugh and simply shine from the inside. Lamenting deteriorates the quality of your life whilst, good natured humor can make a bad situation a little more tolerable. Some of our anxiety regarding the demands of life, is our perception and reaction to them. #Have a cup of Humor today!!!

If you simply can’t self-generate humor, there is bound to be humor at parties and get-togethers. Take a stroll down to any of these locations, or chances are high that you may have to drive, but get there. There are activities for kids, family events and everything in between. All the fests, barbecues and star gazing cannot go to waste….

We at RedyMoney invite you to do all partying endorsed, but to do so responsibly and wisely:June 8, is World Oceans Day, and we see how human and nature interact with each other for each’s benefit or detriment. In this post, RedyMoney encourages you (well, all human) to strive at establishing and maintaining a more mutually beneficial balance between human and nature. Certainly both entities can co-exist without opposition. Tomorrow is all about the ocean, the largest body of water, that is home for all marine life. Even if not directly, in most cases, remnants of freshwater life end up in the ocean. It is the last stop. As ratified by the UN, RedyMoney endorses, healthier practices that consider the “lung of our planet.” As mere humans, we too, can play our part in caring for the Ocean (safely from land): 1. Use less plastic. 2. Care for the beach. 3. Dispose of waste responsibly (recycle where possible), as most inevitably ends up on the ocean floor. 4. Discourage destructive fishing. When purchasing seafood, do so from environmentally conscious sources.

World Ocean Day 2016
Ocean Fact: Did you know that 95% of the Ocean and its life remains unexplored?

The Oceans are the Earth’s anchors. If we do not sustain them, how can they sustain us?

RedyMoney wishes for you, a fulfilling and happy week!!!




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