RedyMoney wishes for you a Lovely Weekend!!!

To all RedyMoney friends, families, customers and associates, we say, we hope you did your best this week ending and if not as much as you had hoped, you have next week to put “more back into it”. We send you off to a restful, rejuvenative and purposeful weekend, whatever you it is that you do. It is more fulfilling, when you have immersed of yourselves and your thoughts into your tasks. Tasks ranging from shopping to family get together and everything in between. Waste not a moment because it can never come back to you. Make every moment a Memory.

Whilst you go about your routine tasks, RedyMoney is throwing in an extra charge to, as a part of our “get informed and stay informed” initiative, where we give you necessary  updates from around the world, that can impact good ‘ole Alabama or good ‘ole Alabama can contribute to.

This Sunday, June 12, is internationally observed (and duly ratified by the UN of course) as World Day Against Child Labour. This is and has been, an infectious virus that has been directly and indirectly plaguing our society. There is a much credence in teaching children responsibility and integrity in not being lazy, which should be done at the familial level. It is a different story altogether, to outright exploit a child either by persuasion or brute force to labour towards any end. Children are to be constantly cared for and provided for without being threatened to “pull their own weight”. It is a right as child, certainly not a privilege, to have their basic needs being met in a comfortable, healthy and sustained environment.

RedyMoney encourages you all to observe the businesses around that are purporting to an aim of attracting younger people into their fields. Their intent may not always be altruistic. 

Child Labour
Again, RedyMoney shares the view, that nothing is wrong with a child earning pocket money, whilst learning valuable lessons about work and responsibility, but we say a stern NO to any demand of the child, in any shape or form, that deprives them of their childhood, freedom of choice, education and forming positive views of adults which will see them trustful or mistrustful. 10 years at child labour has aged this young man fast forward maybe 50 years or so at normal age progression.

Use yourself as a measuring stick or put yourself in the setting you observe the child in, if a task is taxing on you, rest assured, it is more so taxing and it has potential to deprive an adult, it is taking even more from a child!!! It needs to stop!!! Do not think twice of reporting the matter, especially if it may be a well respected citizen, their life is of no more value than a child’s. Children should benefit that the equality that everyone is pushing for.

RedyMoney is tasking all of you, to go out, not just this weekend, but any day that the evidence presents itself, to not fail to make a report of these citings of child labour. These children should be in school or at home in a warm bed, surrounded by a loving family. These businessmen are denying them this right and so are each of you, when you fail to make it a duty to report the matters.

Happy Weekend RedyMoney June
Have a Happy Weekend RedyMoney family!!!



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