Do Good Always. End Victimization.

Raise your hand if your neck of the woods is experiencing #scattered thunderstorms. Lol.  You heard it here first and we heard it from Google.

Welcome back to another week in June, to all RedyMoney family, friends, customers and everyone in between,we hope that you had a relaxing and refreshing weekend and you are ready to take on this  week’s tasks, opportunities and lessons. May your week be off to a splendid start and RedyMoney endeavors to put you in the frame of mind for working, living and giving. We give you Mary Lou Retton: “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” We hope this thought resonates with you throughout this week. Let this thought guide your actions towards good, goodness and kindness never hurts.

Albino Children
Albinism is a congenital disorder,meaning a defect before or at birth, and it depends on the circumstances. What do we do to this group that appear to be different? Not ostracize and victimize. No.

 We include them, as much as possible, not as a minority, but a special set, that need more empathy, more support and more care from ALL of us. The UN’s vision to be achieved by 2030 is to leave no one behind. This will not happen on January 1, 2030 at 00:01 am. Simply put, it is not an overnight feat and certainly not one we just arbitrarily decide to pay attention to or not pay attention to. This is a matter of human rights, basic human rights mind you, not opinions, which everyone has. 

International Albinism Awareness Day
Instead, a matter of that fundamental right to live, as you were born on this earth and not Pluto. There should be no restriction to you based on you not having enough pigment in your skin, especially since it was not a matter you had control over or even a say in the matter. 

RedyMoney says NO!!! to all forms of discrimination.

A perfect instance of exemplifying RedyMoney’s motivation to stay positive and do good wherever you can, is donating Blood, tomorrow, as World Blood Donor Day is recognized. We truly are all connected by blood and RedyMoney is giving you an understandable amount of notice to decide if you will share your blood this Day.

World Blood Donor Day 2016
1. Getting a good night’s rest. 2. Drinking plenty water/ nonalcoholic beverages. 3. If eating on the day of donating, stay away from fatty foods.

RedyMoney knows you are thinking about this selfless service of giving blood, that may save someone else’s life. We encourage you to check with your clinics, hospitals and other centers that will be collecting blood. Ascertain if you meet the requirements for donating and then go out tomorrow in your numbers and give some blood.

RedyMoney would also wishes, before we go, to offer our condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones in the mass shooting at the club in Orlando, Florida. There is no amount of words that can offer condolences enough. RedyMoney prays to the Almighty that you ALL find solace, refuge and comfort in him. That he comforts you through your mourning and that, though you mourn, you have mercy on the souls that have hurt you, so HE in turn can be merciful to you. It may not be attainable, but we also beseech of the Almighty to place forgiveness in your hearts. Not only your loved ones have been victimized but you too have been as you now have to cope with this great loss. You remain in our prayers.

With this much said, RedyMoney wishes you a productive and fulfilling start of the week. Stay tuned for more post throughout the week.



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