Happiness leads to Success….

Without further ado, RedyMoney delves right into this week and getting it off on the best start. It is not too late, to have a productive week. And for those of us, who use Mondays to chart the week and detailed tasks and objectives, by now, you should have rolled up your sleeve and already start to apply your focus to each task. Aspire after what Herman Cain has to add:”Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” . Simply put, you are encouraged, if you are not counted in the quoted number, to discover what is that makes you happy, and do more of it.

On Monday, June 20, World Refugee Day was observed, spearheaded by the UN. A refugee is anyone that has had to flee their home country due to war and violence. When refugees come to the US soil, they are still fearful and traumatized.  They have been uprooted from their birth lands and in order to stay alive, are now seeking refuge in another place. Let us as Americans, count ourselves blessed to be able to provide refuge for those that have been uprooted. Most refugees are victims and are seeking a chance to start over. What they should encounter is marginalization, discrimination and further victimization. For the most part, primary focus has been placed on the social, economical, educational rehabilitation of these refugees, less focus, per se, on the psychological rehabilitation.

World Refugee Day 2016
Do you know any refugees? It is serious matter. The UN calls for solidarity from all. As citizens, we too have a role to play. Find out how you can help a refugee today.

As you ruminate on all that is happening around the world, RedyMoney encourages you to live for others as well as yourself. So, when we also promote healthy lifestyle practices, this will ensure that you live longer and can live for others longer; the perfect formula. Yoga is about simple meditation and focused breathing practices with a collection of benefits.

Basic Yoga postures

Today, June 21, is International Day of Yoga, the second observance of the day. Let us answer the call in our own homes and communities to promote Yoga, if for only health reasons. They don’t look too complicated or painful, right?

There are fun and exciting ways to incorporate yoga in your daily routines, even the kids can get involved.

And in our birthday corner……

If you have a birthday today, you share it with these wonderful people!!!

Have a blessed week RedyMoney family!!!


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