Do a Kind deed this weekend….

It is the weekend and RedyMoney hopes your week is off to a satisfactory close and into another relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. We will keep it short and direct today. Our inspiration comes from Aesop and has a profound message that can change the way you think about kindness and how uncomplicated it is: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.We need not say more on the matter, other than that we totally agree and encourage you to revive your thinking about every time you have ever been kind and the many opportunities you have of being kind.

“All countries and all people need a public service that is competent, equipped and well-resourced. Public service needs to be diverse and ethical. It needs to be dedicated to effectively serving people and improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable.”                                                        – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

RedyMoney gives it to you word-for-word from the Secretary himself.To all the Alabamians in Public Sector and those aspiring to the field, consider yourselves heroes. Everyday you give of yourself and your resources, for others benefit outside of your own, makes you a true countryman/woman. Loyal, protective and involved in the advancement of your homeland. RedyMoney hopes all Public Servants had a well appreciated day. Our public servants are the back-bones of our governments, the ones working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us on our set paths.

Public Service
We at RedyMoney do not appreciate you only on the day designated for you, but everyday. We hope  you had a good one.

On another serious matter, as RedyMoney hopes through our blogs, we spark the kind, compassionate and protective natures in all who are within our reach,this Sunday, June 26, is International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking. Drugs have great potential to be dangerous, if not contained and used as prescribed, if prescribed. This year, the UN is encouraging families to listen first and foremost, to the children, which is very important if they are to grow healthy and in a safe, nurturing environment. Again, it comes back to families. RedyMoney is certainly not saying you willfully push your children/ loved ones to taking drugs (illicitly) but being a caring, present being and a listening hear, gives them less conviction to do so.

Be the first to listen to your children and it will become almost automatic for them to come to you in difficult times.
Show Kindness
It is always humbling & spiritually uplifting to see acts of kindness. Be kind to someone today.

Have a blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!


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