Goodbye June………

Dear June: Thank you for your sun, festivities and celebrations. However, all good things must come to an end; we will never forget you, we will miss you. Same time, same place – next year???(#smiles).

It is the last day of the 6th month of the year. Halfway through 2016, and we may want to pause and heave an exhale…..(#aaaahhhh). RedyMoney sincerely hopes that the first half of 2016, has taught you some valuable lessons and earned some small victories along the way. Use these as motivation to tackle the second half of 2016. Consider it a second chance to again go back to your goals ad objectives and take a good, hard look.


Happiness Requires Actions
Embrace the second half of the year, RedyMoney will be there with you, and we give you this inspirational quote for the second half, from Dalai Lama.

There is much to look forward to in July. Throughout the first 6 months, RedyMoney brought you various updates on International Days observed, productivity tips, inspiration and financial news. It was our pleasure and you can depend on us and our blog to continue to keep you updated, informed and always inspired. Remember all the weekends we looked forward to, together? There is more of that in store, God sparing ALL our lives. 

Happy Half Year
In all of it, stay on top of your goals and objectives that you had outlined for yourselves.

Wherever you are in Alabama, RedyMoney endears all to empathize with those of our country folk that are being affected by the severe drought conditions. To all others of us, who may not be affected now, RedyMoney encourages you to do everything you possibly can to control how much water you use and to conserve.

Stock up on your water, in anticipating the projection of less rain and use water conservatively, to take care of needs mostly.

Help us say Happy Birthday!!! To two powerful and gifted celebrities, in Birthday Corner!!!

If you do not hear from us for the rest of this half of the year….. See you all in the next half!!!





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