RedyMoney Monday Fact!

Much like our LinkedIn page (which we recommend you check out), we’re starting RedyMoney Monday facts to brighten not only your Monday but your week too. So here goes:

On average Monday is the least rainy day of the week.

See Monday is not all that bad. Now go forth, don’t just tell them but show the world, your workplace, school, college, wherever you go that Monday is not that bad, your week will be filled with happiness. Don’t let the ‘Monday blues’ influence you or your week.

We hope that we are able to assist all our customers, reach as many as we can, and individually we have tried to improve someone’s life and/or state of being. Whether in a great or small way, it matters. RedyMoney encourages and assists you to live your life as comfortably as possible, we provide you with money when you need it most.  Have a joyful and blessed week!


Happy Friday!!!

It is a Friday of mixed feelings, in light of the many things happening around the world. RedyMoney sincerely hopes you had a fulfilling week and that your plans for the weekend be productive whilst being fulfilling & satisfying. We send you off into the weekend with this inspiring quote from Albert Schweitzer: “Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. We owe our deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.”

And just as how it is that someone ignites our flame, we too, have that opportunity to ignite the flame in someone’s else life, when ours are re-ignited and theirs had dwindled down. Never underestimate the power we have through kindness, care giving and consistent love which dictates our actions.

On Tuesday, we had promised to give you some highlighted facts surrounding the UN’s call for investing in our young girls, as their driving theme for 2016’s observation of World Population Day. Girls that come from poor and poorer families, are more vulnerable to becoming victims of child marriages, child motherhood and ostracism. They have not been given the equal opportunity and access to quality care, information, education, adolescent and psychological development. By investing more in young girls, the ultimate aim is to have each young girls, fully educated and matured to make lifestyle choices in their own comfortable, without coercion.

It is safe for all of us to say, our globe can do well with this 28 Trillion Dollars. However, outside of the dollar value return on our investments, think of the increase in human resources, more forward thinking individuals with bigger and more progressive plans for our world. A world we would love to see as a better place for our loved ones to grow in.

Help us secure our world’s future, investing in our young girls, affect our familial structure (which we would have delved into prior, how important the family structure is) and the impact this foundation has on the future’s government. Can you help a young girl out of poverty today?

Our Deepest Sympathies
We also take this time out (and encourage you to do the same) to extend our sympathies and condolences to the Italian and French families that are in shock and grief over the loss of their loved ones. We have you in our prayers. It is the one planet, we all live on, and we can imagine your grief (though in reality it is multiplied) and we pray that Our Almighty gives you a strength so powerful that you are able to smile after your ordeal.

As RedyMoney gives you much to mull over this weekend (we always like to keep you active, informed and engaged), we hope the next time you see a young girl on the street, show a little kindness, a little care; and please be genuine about it. As we at RedyMoney say, you too, can ignite the spark in someone else.


RedyMoney hereby wishes you a purpose driven, relaxing, reflective weekend. See you next week all revived and rejuvenated. Take the advice of this cat (#winks) and get in some sleep where you can.



It is the second Tuesday in the month of July and RedyMoney gives you our sincerest greetings and welcome (after our hiatus of umpteen days. #smiles). After 12 days, we hope you have accomplished much and have been given many opportunities for which you are grateful. There is enough time left (despite the warp speed at which time seems to travel) to do all you have outlined to achieve for July. If you have already celebrated your birthday, RedyMoney wishes you A Happy Belated Birthday!!! Of course, we always hope special things happen to each of you.

Our RedyMoney inspirational quote for this week, comes from Ingrid Bergman: “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” Basically, success does not equate to happiness, unless your achievements have long been your soul’s dreams. Success may be getting a business degree to take-over the reins of the family business, but not happiness,as you really wanted to have pursued painting instead (just an example). RedyMoney encourages you today, to ensure that whatever you pursue, it is what you want for yourself and not what you were told to go after. That is, if your wish is to be happy (RedyMoney sincerely hopes that is the case). Therefore, RedyMoney encourages, that whatever you do, ensure your heart is in it.

In RedyMoney informs, we would like to give a shout out to those who had recognized and celebrated “There are more young people in the world than ever before” statistics are showing. On July 11, 2016, it was decree that all efforts for the year should be geared at “investing in the youth population”. It is important to recognize how influential our youth are, when we speak of managing the world’s population and the many challenges  to be faced should there be a mismanage. The UNFPA is of the belief that if youth are empowered and given the utmost advantages, they will create better prospects for their future and be an upliftment for those in their social circles.

Are you investing in the youth of your community/area? Are the youth in your community lacking opportunities and/or forced into adulthood? How can you help to improve the life of a youth today?

In subsequent days, RedyMoney will share some eye-opening facts surrounding this year’s World Population Day theme with special attention placed on the young girls. We implore you to see every youth as a major contributor to our society and an important investment for our future. Stay tuned!!!

Much is happening at this time in Alabama (we are both smack in the midst of the chaos/excitement) and RedyMoney encourages you where you are needed extra encouragement, empathizes with you if you are suffering any loss and have you in our prayers constantly as you all battle to overcome the daily anxieties that constitute living a life.

Cast your anxiety upon him
We leave you with this scripture.

Have a splendid week RedyMoney family!!! We promise to not stay away so long next time…..



Happy 240 America!!!!

You know you are an American, when on the 4th of July, you have:

  • American Flag
  • Fireworks
  • Picnic/Barbecue – with the signature “Hot Dog” of course.

Happy 240 to our great country and all countrymen from RedyMoney. We hope your day is spent in much jubilancy and a sense of renewed hope of a better future and greater achievements.

Happy 240 America
We, as countrymen, are the cornerstone of our country and despite our unseeming lack of authority on pertinent matters; the authorities that be do, heavily rely on our support and co-operation in most (if not all) matters.

As our country gets older each year, each citizen should at least, in one way evaluate how much we have done in the past year, for the betterment and progress of our country; if for the mere reason, that what our fore-fathers toiled, labored and lobbied for, is not under-appreciated.

These are some surprising facts about Independence Day and the expenses/ sales associated with the Day’s celebrations, year after year.

It is indeed a great month, to achieve great things; RedyMoney says “Happy Birthday!!!” in advance for all July-born. 

Larkspur Flower
This beautiful and radiant flower is for all of you who celebrate your birthday in our Country’s month. RedyMoney hopes throughout this month, you unearth your radiance and brilliance.

Take all this godspeed and awesome welcomes to July,as an indication that you too can do great things this month. Refresh your goals-list (both personally & professionally) and appropriate plans to achieve same; continue making strides towards them and chart your successes as you go along.

Never too late to start over
And inspire happiness into every task that you do, no matter how small, it makes achievements more memorable.
Free & Brave
To ALL countrymen from the East Coast to the West Coast, whether Southern bred or from the North: You are all Brave. Today, rejoice in your Freedom.