Happy 240 America!!!!

You know you are an American, when on the 4th of July, you have:

  • American Flag
  • Fireworks
  • Picnic/Barbecue – with the signature “Hot Dog” of course.

Happy 240 to our great country and all countrymen from RedyMoney. We hope your day is spent in much jubilancy and a sense of renewed hope of a better future and greater achievements.

Happy 240 America
We, as countrymen, are the cornerstone of our country and despite our unseeming lack of authority on pertinent matters; the authorities that be do, heavily rely on our support and co-operation in most (if not all) matters.

As our country gets older each year, each citizen should at least, in one way evaluate how much we have done in the past year, for the betterment and progress of our country; if for the mere reason, that what our fore-fathers toiled, labored and lobbied for, is not under-appreciated.

These are some surprising facts about Independence Day and the expenses/ sales associated with the Day’s celebrations, year after year.

It is indeed a great month, to achieve great things; RedyMoney says “Happy Birthday!!!” in advance for all July-born. 

Larkspur Flower
This beautiful and radiant flower is for all of you who celebrate your birthday in our Country’s month. RedyMoney hopes throughout this month, you unearth your radiance and brilliance.

Take all this godspeed and awesome welcomes to July,as an indication that you too can do great things this month. Refresh your goals-list (both personally & professionally) and appropriate plans to achieve same; continue making strides towards them and chart your successes as you go along.

Never too late to start over
And inspire happiness into every task that you do, no matter how small, it makes achievements more memorable.
Free & Brave
To ALL countrymen from the East Coast to the West Coast, whether Southern bred or from the North: You are all Brave. Today, rejoice in your Freedom.


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