It is the second Tuesday in the month of July and RedyMoney gives you our sincerest greetings and welcome (after our hiatus of umpteen days. #smiles). After 12 days, we hope you have accomplished much and have been given many opportunities for which you are grateful. There is enough time left (despite the warp speed at which time seems to travel) to do all you have outlined to achieve for July. If you have already celebrated your birthday, RedyMoney wishes you A Happy Belated Birthday!!! Of course, we always hope special things happen to each of you.

Our RedyMoney inspirational quote for this week, comes from Ingrid Bergman: “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.” Basically, success does not equate to happiness, unless your achievements have long been your soul’s dreams. Success may be getting a business degree to take-over the reins of the family business, but not happiness,as you really wanted to have pursued painting instead (just an example). RedyMoney encourages you today, to ensure that whatever you pursue, it is what you want for yourself and not what you were told to go after. That is, if your wish is to be happy (RedyMoney sincerely hopes that is the case). Therefore, RedyMoney encourages, that whatever you do, ensure your heart is in it.

In RedyMoney informs, we would like to give a shout out to those who had recognized and celebrated “There are more young people in the world than ever before” statistics are showing. On July 11, 2016, it was decree that all efforts for the year should be geared at “investing in the youth population”. It is important to recognize how influential our youth are, when we speak of managing the world’s population and the many challenges  to be faced should there be a mismanage. The UNFPA is of the belief that if youth are empowered and given the utmost advantages, they will create better prospects for their future and be an upliftment for those in their social circles.

Are you investing in the youth of your community/area? Are the youth in your community lacking opportunities and/or forced into adulthood? How can you help to improve the life of a youth today?

In subsequent days, RedyMoney will share some eye-opening facts surrounding this year’s World Population Day theme with special attention placed on the young girls. We implore you to see every youth as a major contributor to our society and an important investment for our future. Stay tuned!!!

Much is happening at this time in Alabama (we are both smack in the midst of the chaos/excitement) and RedyMoney encourages you where you are needed extra encouragement, empathizes with you if you are suffering any loss and have you in our prayers constantly as you all battle to overcome the daily anxieties that constitute living a life.

Cast your anxiety upon him
We leave you with this scripture.

Have a splendid week RedyMoney family!!! We promise to not stay away so long next time…..




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