Happy Monday!!!

It is the first Monday of Fall and the last Monday of September. Talk about ‘no day is much like the next” ( or any other). RedyMoney welcomes you to another week, that we hope is productive and a source of motivation.

Question: How did you spend your weekend?  Did you spend the time working, lazing about in the Fall weather, take the kids for a picnic or out collecting Fall leaves?  Only if you found the weather agreeable. However your weekend was spent, RedyMoney hopes it had special moments of laughter, joy and a sense of contentment.

To keep your family and neighbors healthy, it is important to keep on the lookout for any recalled product. Search your cupboards to see if you had purchased any of these canned mixed vegetables. If you purchased any of the culprit cans, make haste in getting them out your cupboards and into the trash. It may seem like your hard-earner money wasted, but that will not compare to what you may have to spend should this be consumed. 

And if you or your neighbors can benefit from the seasonal hiring that will be undertaken by Macy.  Come out in your groves on September 30, and spread the word while you are at it. 

Embrace Mondays as opportunities. Opportunities to start over, improve on what you have already built and strengthen what you have invested in.

As your Monday comes to a close: remember to end your work day on a high and productive note. Save one task that you usually enjoy doing to be the last one (unless its urgent), so you finish your day with a sense of satisfaction and motivation for the next day.

Monday trivia: what is the oldest county in Alabama?












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