Have a Hearty Weekend….

September 29, was World Heart Day. Celebrated each year to remind us how important that little powerful organ (our body’s power house) is. Each year, the World Health Federation reminds us that Cardio Vascular Disease, is still the world’s number 1 kill. You think it can’t be that good? You are absolutely correct: it is that Bad. RedyMoney encourages you all, that as you look forward to this weekend, you will do something your heart will thank you for.

Power to your heart is power to your body. Eating whatever fruits and vegetables are in season(ergo, Pumpkin for Autumn) and to control your salt intake, are two basic ways to kick start the transformation to a healthier diet and ultimately, a healthier heart.

It is the last day of September, at this time, we have officially lived through 75% of the year. We encourage you to reflect on all your achievements, successes and lesson learnt, to constantly motivate yourself to close 2016 on a high note. Goodbyes are inevitable, we say them each day, month and year; RedyMoney just hopes each day, month, year, leaves a footprint on your heart, that helps you to smile. The footprint are loving memories, fun, laughter, peace and all good things: this too is good for your heart. So, this weekend, do them in part, cut down on the salt and laugh a little extra this weekend.

RedyMoney Interesting Autumn Fact: Each fall, the black-capped chickadee’s tiny hippocampus enlarges by 30%, which enables it to remember where it collected seeds in different spots in trees and on the ground.

See any of these in your neck of the woods?

Thanks to NaturalHealthyConcepts.com for this reminder.

Have a healthy and laughing weekend RedyMoney family!!!



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