Before the day is over……

RedyMoney encourages all of Alabama to promote and exercise respect, caution and calm deliberations surrounding the Presidential Elections. Opinions, idiosyncrasies and prejudices must take the back seat to the basic human rights of every US Citizen. With that being said, we hope you all stay calm and cool-headed, even as things get heated up.

We encourage peace and thoughtfulness over the remaining proceedings of the U.S Presidential Elections for 2016.

It is Friday and the weekend is here, RedyMoney hopes you take every opportunity today to complete your duties, tasks and responsibilities and plan  for your week ahead. Every work environment is unique and so there is no one-size shoe that fits all. What does work is identifying what time of the day is your most productive (focused, concentrated and less distracted): and you using that time to complete your most challenging tasks. The tasks that require less thought, if you can find a creative way to do them, you are encouraged to do so; this helps to break the monotony and you can still find enjoyment even in the small tasks.

Once you believe you have a contribution to make to your company, then answering these questions and doing what they say, becomes markedly easier.

Today is World Standards Day and the US is doing her part in embracing this year’s theme: “Standards Build Trust”. Setting International Standards allows many countries that conform to solidify their business competitiveness, it also gives credence to the notion that the betterment of our world is best achieved when we work together. Standards pave the way for long-lasting business relationships. Through conformity, customers can appreciate that their business/service providers are doing all the necessaries to ensure their products are safe. This also improves buyer confidence.

Without a globally corroborated effort to standardize certain vital aspects of products and services, there would only be chaos. There is even a standard for making complaints if you are dissatisfied or the product fails. The question has merit: where would we be without standards?
Still in the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, RedyMoney implores that you go out and get information on the leading diagnosed Cancer in women. If you are not at risk, and there is someone you know who suffers, you can offer some help, comfort and remedies. Embrace the knowledge, even if it does not happen to you.

It is time to do the Friday dance, as  you say a good-bye to your work and say hello to some ‘you-time’ or ‘family-time’, whichever it is, it is a Friday in the Autumn. You have parks, picnics, and open air to frolic about.

Have a breezy and crispy Friday RedyMoney family!!!




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