Mid week greetings RedyMoney family!!! We have become so confident in your skills at structuring your work week, that our tip for today is a reminder: to address the most challenging tasks first. This way, it does not matter what day of the week it is and you would have already structured today’s work as the last matter to be dealt with yesterday. RedyMoney hopes you had a fulfilling evening and are already on the job.

It is the day and age of technology. More and more, our society is gravitating to the advantageous aspects as well as become pioneers of incorporating it more into their daily personal, business and/or work lives. There seems to be no limit when it comes to the cyber realm, people have more autonomy and options to do as they desire. October is Cyber Awareness Month and RedyMoney is just adding our reinforcement to the mix. With so many businesses going virtual or having accepts of their business virtually, the responsibility now surfaces for them to protect their domain on what is predominantly a free cyber space, next to impossible to fill. Our Cyber Awareness tip for all the RedyMoney family, is taking you back to basics, to the most elemental and important aspect of cyber security: a strong password makes a lot of difference and poses a greater challenge for unsavory third parties who will try and gain access to your accounts. 


How often do you get paid late? On a Friday evening, with lots to do with your pay, but all you have is check? Some stores do not accept checks and remember, you need your cash to do so many things….. What to do? What to do? Have you not heard?

RedyMoney does simple, fast check cashing, with customer service comparable only to ourselves. Stop by RedyMoney conveniently located in Phenix City, your gateway to East Alabama.
Before we give you the last of our mid week’s blessings and great wishes, we leave you with a cancer prevention tip, as we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A diet high in fiber and low in fat helps prevent breast cancer. As it is autumn, you can make use of the fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber: pears, green beans and broccoli are just naming a few.

Well that is it for today folks, see you closer to weekend and have a splendid remainder of week.


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