Money when you need it most….

Let RedyMoney provide you with financial solutions at a time when you need them most. If it is close to payday, then you can survive with one of our payday loans. Or if it just cashing in your pay check. Since our inception, we have tailored our services to serve all of Alabama, from the East to the West, it remains our commitment to doing so.

RedyMoney has not forgotten that our services should always meet your needs with a simple process, giving you money when you need it most.

Welcome to another week, Thanksgiving week, and the prefect  time for RedyMoney to be back on the blogs. Thanksgiving is a favourite time of year when we meet families and friends; all that socializing and trying to remember everyone’s names and their relations; tends to give us an appetite. We then tend to over indulge in the eating and spending that precedes the envious spreads each year.  RedyMoney hopes you have been gathering your menus, pooling your resources to save on spending, as we always suggest for large get-togethers. We also encourage that you make the firm financial decisions, during this time, without compromising on the importance and the blessing of family on this holiday, arguably the most family-oriented one.

We say bring out the succulent and savory foods for all to enjoy, and that we count all our blessings this Thanksgiving, naming them one by one.

We send you off into the week, not to obsessively think of all the food you will eat come Thursday, but the day as wonder. For seeing all your friends and family that you may only see at this time of year. 

As it is a short week for you, RedyMoney encourages you to get as much done in your work week as is possible. You are getting two days off, days that you will feel less guilty spending around family, if there are less pending tasks on your desk Wednesday evening. Our productivity tip for this week is: “Ruthlessly block out all distractions.” This becomes increasingly important, as it is easy to blur the lines between celebrations even at the office and actually settling down to work, after the excitement has been abated. Blocking out all distractions mean you know that you have three days to get done most of what is usually done in five. You can still make it work and make your short week an incredibly productive one.

Know what distracts your most important tasks for the day. File these distractions to be sorted when you have completed the biggest tasks.

You will smile broader, laugh louder and be filled with a sense of greater hope and blessing, with an achieved mindset, going into the holidays. Have a productive week RedyMoney family!!!!




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