Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!

Today is the last day of the work week for you all, RedyMoney family. Final opportunity to complete all tasks set out and to make your desk clutter free, while it will be vacant over the next two days into the weekend. Remember to end today on a productive note and dive headlong into your break to be spent with families and loved ones. 

We cannot stress it enough. Take the opportunity to use these morning hours, usually your most productive to tackle these tasks.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow Alabama. Remember to seize every opportunity to catch up with your relatives and what is new in their lives. Show genuine interest as you plug out from the world, even for a few hours and be in tuned with your family.

We leave you with a simple yet profound quote to go into the festivities: ” There is always something to be thankful for.”

As Black Friday is day after tomorrow, RedyMoney would like to remind you to spend wisely, with the many deals that will be running on that day. Once you are shopping on Black Friday, make a list of items to buy, set a budget (despite getting amazing discounts) and most importantly, ensure that what you need or desire, you can in fact afford. RedyMoney is open this Friday!!!!
For all our customers, we are open until 5:00 pm today,  to take care of your monetary transactions and loan needs. Our friendly and courteous staff wait to serve you, and we take only the required breaks from doing so.
Have a happy and fun loving Thanksgiving RedyMoney family. We will keep you all in our thoughts. A little humor to lighten your day.



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