Happy Friday!!!!

It is post Thanksgiving!!! RedyMoney hopes your time with family and loved one was well spent, cherishing every moment. It must have been good to see everyone cooking up a storm, tending the grill , preparing salads and wait for it……. putting out all those dishes as a spread on the table. Unless you really have to shop this Friday (Black) it is more peaceful and serene to spend more time with the relatives, especially those who can only make the trip once or twice a year. Catch up on some lost time….

Raise your hand if you can say that you do not look like this after Thanksgiving!!! Or that you didn’t cry when you went on the scale!!!
For those of us that go back to work today, you are not alone. RedyMoney takes our commitment to serving you, seriously. Our doors are opened, if you need to see us for your financial needs. Come and talk to us!!!


For those that have to go out this Friday, RedyMoney wishes that you go out to: get your essentials, be courteous to every shopper and cashier and spend only on what you need and what you have budgeted.
What wouldn’t most of us give to just be on a beach like this, either at sunrise or sunset and just bask in a divine kind of peace and serenity; far removed from the struggles and worries of life.

If you can get just a little close to a weekend like this RedyMoney family, we say “Go for it!!!!” Have a wonderful weekend…

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