Happy Cyber Monday!!!

Hello RedyMoney family!!! Welcome to another fantastic week and the last Monday in November. In two shakes’ time, it is December. Cyber Monday is retailers’ last opportunity to you to benefit from discounts and bundle deals, all done via eCommerce. Though most deals, are on electronics, there are online food giants and department stores that extend their sales. 

Of course, if you must purchase, especially for the upcoming holiday plans, you too can benefit from deals. Please ensure the site is a trusted one, as you will be giving out personal and financial credentials.

Some of us may still be feeling festive after the extended weekend, and may take a few moments longer to get back into the work stride. Of course, for those of us who have taken RedyMoney’s advice, they would have wrapped up their work week and planned ahead for this work. If you do this, and yet your internal clock needs a reset, “wake up and get up earlier.”

Getting up early, even for the first week after a long break, gives you time to recondition your body to the clock for work days.

And yes, Christmas is yet around the corner,and the weeks till then are moving fast. You still need to be productive. An opportunity for the festivities that are kicking into faster gear for the upcoming holidays, is to plan an office social, in an informal fashion and  use this opportunity to give feedback and strategies going forward, in a more relaxed setting.

RedyMoney office has resumed operations today and we have also gone back to regular business operating hours. We do various financial transactions, including check cashing and payday loans, at affordable rates.
Despite longstanding controversy surrounding this bean, one thing is for sure for coffee lovers, the aroma is like installing java. Bringing your senses to clarity and bringing into focus your thoughts.

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