Have a RedyFriday !!!

Friday is without doubt or argument, one of the most popular and anticipated days of the week. We hope today has caught you in high and hopeful spirits. It is the season of heightened anticipation and activities, throughout all of Alabama. RedyMoney hopes that as we go about conducting out various businesses, we do so with prudence and caution.

RedyMoney hopes you have every intention to enjoy your holidays immensely, we just wish to caution you to do so in the most affordable ways. Our spending tip for today is: “Budget based on your finances.” This means that your weekly/ monthly budget should be satisfied and disposable income can compliment your intended shopping The essence is to ensure that you incur as little debt as possible and that whilst you spend extravagantly, your household needs are taken care of.
With shopping comes heightened excitement, which may be a distraction from being being vigilant once shopping. It is good to know exactly what you will be buying before you venture, you will look less idle, the target that usually fall prey to thieves. RedyMoney’s Holiday Shopping Safety tip is: “Do not buy more than you can carry.”

As you keep these tips in mind for the upcoming holiday, RedyMoney hopes you have a fantastic weekend.




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