Goodbye January???

Raise your hand if you are ready to say goodbye to January….. February is fast approaching and RedyMoney hopes you are ready for new opportunities, new goals, new targets, new ambitions; or even ready for phase 2 of your personal life plan.

Talking about personal life plan, it is now unavoidably clear that not only is it tax filing season, but that as a citizen, you would have penciled it into your to-do list. Remember, a good financial resolution is to become more prudent and astute at handling the filing of your yearly income taxes. In case you are a little behind, RedyMoney has you covered when it comes to Tax Stress.

No, we do not file taxes, but the IRS has thought of you when they introduced their E-Filing system. Again, if it is too much for you to handle, you can visit the nearest Tax Service Center and obtain assistance, there is no time like the present to get your tax affairs in order.

Yes, you may receive a suspicious phone call, especially now during the tax season. The IRS is aware that this peak time of activity and giving of information, can be preyed upon by scammers. You are therefore warned, to not give out any personal information of yours, whether by phone, email or text, even if they claim to be from the IRS. Thanks to the IRS, they have given some tips and guidelines in the link. Remember, if in doubt, you can always hang up the phone without giving out any information.

In closing, RedyMoney leaves you with this quote: “the two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”Mark Twain

Have an inspired week Redy family!!!




Friday In Alabama…

The best way to start off any weekend, is to find out that you can spend some time and do something fun, in your own city. Which is great, as it is something that will come at more expense to all outsiders; which is also great, as it means more boost for the Economy. Congrats for making the list Montgomery!!! We’ll be down soon, before we have to be charged (#laughs)…

Both picturesque and rich in history, Mel’s Dairy Dream is not just where you get a milkshake etc. Just think, you would be standing in the same place as celebrities. The famed author of “To Kill A Mockingbird” spent many great times on this land, which is much to the allure of tourists. You got that right: visiting Mel’s Diary Dream, is not just for the dairy treats, but to breathe in a little history from the air, and let your imagination take you to what this spot looked like in Harper Lee’s days….. Dream
Happy Friday RedyMoney family!!! We are ALL hoping for a calmer weekend than last. Go into your weekend with gratitude and hope. Have a nice day at church too, if you’re going!!!

Happy RedyWednesday!!!

RedyMoney is happy that we have made it to this day. Our Mid-week productivity tip is: “Integrate Smart Technology into your Task Management routine.” Whether this takes the form of household budget tracking, homework schedule or even basic management for your own farm, once you have access to the internet, there are many free sites/apps that can give you a sense of structure and seriousness to accomplishing your daily tasks. This allows you get more done in invariably the same amount of time. You know what means: more family time, more time with the children and more time spent exploring the wonders of picturesque Alabama.

We here, have in our backyards what tourists are paying to see, visit and experience. It means we too can have fun after working hard.and taking care of our families.

Speaking of the rich history of Alabama, this event is the perfect example of why we are such an exotic destination. You’ve only to turn in any direction and be in awe either by our beauty, our history and mostly our people. It is indeed a good feeling to have. And for all of Alabama, though we are over on the eastern side of the state, we are glad to be serving and encountering people from all over Alabama.

Happy Wednesday family!!!! 

Count Your Blessings today…

RedyMoney is glad that most of us here in Alabama are accounted for, after what can be dubbed an unexpected weekend. We are happy that we all have lived to see another week, with hopefully minor damages to  our farms, properties and officesOur sympathies go out to our dear neighbors in Georgia, who suffered more than we have in the passing of the weather over the weekend. We hope you have a speedy recovering and rebuilding process, and that you get all the help that you require. Again, our prayers go out to you.  To our own Alabama, we say for those who are experiencing power outages etc., that you endure, as much as you can, until the problems have been fixed. Regrettably, a few schools have kept their doors closed on this Monday morning due to damages their buildings have sustained. This must be a bitter-sweet case for the children, who sometimes love nothing more than a day to stay at home, however, under the current circumstances. Parents, keep them close to home!!!


It is important to start your week off on a positive note, despite what is happening around us. In the midst of it all, the humble citizens of Alabama remember it is Tax Season. For those of us so equipped, you are reminded that you can file your taxes for free, online. And whether or not you have such facilities, a Taxpayer Service Center, closest to you, is open to address your queries and extend to you the assistance you need. Be on time with your taxes…. It is a part of being a good citizen.

As you embark on your week, RedyMoney encourages you to keep a steady supply of hope, optimism and self motivation in your pockets. We encourage you to do all that you can to continue to make your dream work and to provide for you and yours as you have always done. Have a blessed Monday and week RedyFamily !!!



Have a Safe weekend family!!!

We encourage all of Alabama to exercise caution, care and be prepared to endure the possible weather we may have over this weekend. Yes. Obviously, intense fog was not enough. We must however count ourselves fortunate that we are more often than not spared the brunt of nature.

It warms us here at RedyMoney when we see news such as this. What is it? Ordinary people, with extraordinary dreams transcending their boundaries to achieve their goals. For Ms. Hansberry, her goal is to educate the youth, in a way that makes education realistic, appropriate and relatable. Congrats Ms. Hansberry, we hope you reap more success!!!

There cannot be enough awareness spread on the callous practice on scamming; preying on the most vulnerable for personal gain. RedyMoney encourages you all to inform your loved ones to be diligent should they receive a phone call such as this and not be enticed by what is promised. There is intense psychology behind some of the cases of scammers, and RedyMoney wishes to use this forum to express sympathy to the victims and reiterate that we are in opposition to the practice. Educate your family about this threat, and how to deal with it. 

Have a safe and blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!


Happy RedyWednesday!!!1

It is a wonderful Wednesday for all of us to be here and for RedyMoney to be able to greet you. We hope you have been having a fantastic day!!

Unable to go much further and not wish Robert E. Lee Happy Birthday!!! It is days such as this one, that makes all of Alabama count ourselves fortunate to have such a rich history, decorated with leaders, innovators and even ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary and motivating all of us. Question: Robert Lee’s feet are cold. Can someone provide him with a pair of shoes???

It is also moments as this one that reiterates the importance both the civil and private sectors to invest in our youths. They are the State’s future and RedyMoney lauds Phenix City’s Mayor, Mr. Eddie Lowe for this initiative. The youths future and the fulfilling careers they will have, thank you in advance. As do the Nonprofit organizations in Phenix City. Congrats Central High and Glenwood School!!!

With good news comes inspiration, motivation and renewed energy. RedyMoney sends you back to a productive mid-week!!!

Happy Monday!!!

What better ways to welcome a new week than celebrating the lives of some of America’s greatest activists?

RedyMoney hopes you all had a relaxing weekend. As we observe the life of a great leader today, let us all be inspired to unearth the leaders in us, to make positive changes in our families, relationships, work places, communities etc. If we know nothing else, we know of #a man who had a dream and spent his life working towards that dream. Let us be inspired to do the same in our own lives today!!!

Just in case you are conducting business in and around the city today, we give a reminder of some of the offices that will be closed for the day.

Let’s also not forget it is now the Tax Season. Here are a few tax related announcements for you.

Have a splendid week RedyFamily!!!


Happy Friday!!!

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up on Monday, RedyMoney is proud of those who will be volunteering at any of the many events lined up in various towns/cities, to celebrate the life and contribution of truly an influential man, with a lifelong legacy. It does feel good to volunteer, and not just on special occasions, but as often as you can.

In between plans for Monday and the usual weekend (children will be home); a fun activity is to spare a few minutes and conduct your own history lesson with your children on Martin Luther King Jr. Get them informed, inspired, thinking and aspiring to become as great as they can be; using this man as an example. Willing to give it a shot???
We also leave you with some inspiration to take into your weekend, from the man himself. Have an inspired weekend RedyFamily!!!!

RedyWednesday Greetings!!!

RedyMoney is not only here to provide you with Financial support in times of crisis, but to also share in the everyday life of our beloved state. We too are affected as are our customers and their families and neighbors. We thought it prudent to remind you that we are right here, in Phenix City, ready to serve you all.

Help RedyMoney share some of Alabama’s rich history as RedyMoney is and will remain, a proud business citizen of Alabama.

Stay tuned as we incorporate m ore everyday, average Alabamian lifestyle tips and tricks to putting your talents to use, realizing your passion and helping others.

Have a good evening!!!

Happy RedyMonday!!!

RedyMoney is very happy we are all able to meet on this side of the week!!!

We hope you had an enjoyable weekend!!!

RedyMoney wants you to be on the right track for your week and also for your still relatively New Year. We are here with you to help you approach each challenge with an attitude to give your best and learn.

RedyMoney leaves you with a little motivation to take on your week, from us, to continue your honest endeavors at making a living; whether working with our hands on a farm, in a manufacturing plant or in an office for the state. You all must remember why you went where you are at now, and how far you want to go.

See you again on Wednesday RedyMoney family!!!