Happy RedyWednesday!!!1

It is a wonderful Wednesday for all of us to be here and for RedyMoney to be able to greet you. We hope you have been having a fantastic day!!

Unable to go much further and not wish Robert E. Lee Happy Birthday!!! It is days such as this one, that makes all of Alabama count ourselves fortunate to have such a rich history, decorated with leaders, innovators and even ordinary people doing the extra-ordinary and motivating all of us. Question: Robert Lee’s feet are cold. Can someone provide him with a pair of shoes???

It is also moments as this one that reiterates the importance both the civil and private sectors to invest in our youths. They are the State’s future and RedyMoney lauds Phenix City’s Mayor, Mr. Eddie Lowe for this initiative. The youths future and the fulfilling careers they will have, thank you in advance. As do the Nonprofit organizations in Phenix City. Congrats Central High and Glenwood School!!!

With good news comes inspiration, motivation and renewed energy. RedyMoney sends you back to a productive mid-week!!!

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