Have a Safe weekend family!!!

We encourage all of Alabama to exercise caution, care and be prepared to endure the possible weather we may have over this weekend. Yes. Obviously, intense fog was not enough. We must however count ourselves fortunate that we are more often than not spared the brunt of nature.

It warms us here at RedyMoney when we see news such as this. What is it? Ordinary people, with extraordinary dreams transcending their boundaries to achieve their goals. For Ms. Hansberry, her goal is to educate the youth, in a way that makes education realistic, appropriate and relatable. Congrats Ms. Hansberry, we hope you reap more success!!!

There cannot be enough awareness spread on the callous practice on scamming; preying on the most vulnerable for personal gain. RedyMoney encourages you all to inform your loved ones to be diligent should they receive a phone call such as this and not be enticed by what is promised. There is intense psychology behind some of the cases of scammers, and RedyMoney wishes to use this forum to express sympathy to the victims and reiterate that we are in opposition to the practice. Educate your family about this threat, and how to deal with it. 

Have a safe and blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!


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