Count Your Blessings today…

RedyMoney is glad that most of us here in Alabama are accounted for, after what can be dubbed an unexpected weekend. We are happy that we all have lived to see another week, with hopefully minor damages to  our farms, properties and officesOur sympathies go out to our dear neighbors in Georgia, who suffered more than we have in the passing of the weather over the weekend. We hope you have a speedy recovering and rebuilding process, and that you get all the help that you require. Again, our prayers go out to you.  To our own Alabama, we say for those who are experiencing power outages etc., that you endure, as much as you can, until the problems have been fixed. Regrettably, a few schools have kept their doors closed on this Monday morning due to damages their buildings have sustained. This must be a bitter-sweet case for the children, who sometimes love nothing more than a day to stay at home, however, under the current circumstances. Parents, keep them close to home!!!


It is important to start your week off on a positive note, despite what is happening around us. In the midst of it all, the humble citizens of Alabama remember it is Tax Season. For those of us so equipped, you are reminded that you can file your taxes for free, online. And whether or not you have such facilities, a Taxpayer Service Center, closest to you, is open to address your queries and extend to you the assistance you need. Be on time with your taxes…. It is a part of being a good citizen.

As you embark on your week, RedyMoney encourages you to keep a steady supply of hope, optimism and self motivation in your pockets. We encourage you to do all that you can to continue to make your dream work and to provide for you and yours as you have always done. Have a blessed Monday and week RedyFamily !!!




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