Friday In Alabama…

The best way to start off any weekend, is to find out that you can spend some time and do something fun, in your own city. Which is great, as it is something that will come at more expense to all outsiders; which is also great, as it means more boost for the Economy. Congrats for making the list Montgomery!!! We’ll be down soon, before we have to be charged (#laughs)…

Both picturesque and rich in history, Mel’s Dairy Dream is not just where you get a milkshake etc. Just think, you would be standing in the same place as celebrities. The famed author of “To Kill A Mockingbird” spent many great times on this land, which is much to the allure of tourists. You got that right: visiting Mel’s Diary Dream, is not just for the dairy treats, but to breathe in a little history from the air, and let your imagination take you to what this spot looked like in Harper Lee’s days….. Dream
Happy Friday RedyMoney family!!! We are ALL hoping for a calmer weekend than last. Go into your weekend with gratitude and hope. Have a nice day at church too, if you’re going!!!

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