Inspiration has no deadline…….


It is inevitable that the observance of #BHM, is confined to a month, and we can always argue that to study the lives and contributions of those before us warrants more than a month. That may be true, but is it enough to just be swept away by the lives of our ancestors (as captivating as they may be)? What greater to celebrate lives than to emulate the virtues and characteristics of those who move us to think outside the box and inspire us to be more? What can you emulate today?

With just two days left in the month, RedyMoney encourages you to budget some time and reflect on how you have earned, used your resources wisely this month and also how obedient you have been in keeping the goals you have made for yourself… Spend some time to reflect and plan. Seeing the work you have done is a source of inspiration for you to continue.

Do we smell a mid-week break??? #sniffs…. If so, see you after we cross over into March!!!



Happy Friday Alabama!!!

Happy Friday Alabama!!! It is indeed a blessing that we have all lived to see another Friday. We hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. Early next week, we say goodbye to February, for good (this year, at least), and RedyMoney encourages you to continue to go back to the drawing board to ensure that your actions remain aligned with your goals. Start looking at how our month went and how you can improve come March. Time is inevitable, but we must believe in the opportunities presented to each us each day, to grow, be more and do more.

It is official, you can purchase some emergency items, tax free. Speak to your local store before making a purchase and find out exactly what deal you are getting, as you prepare for any natural disaster. Speaking of weather, we must all brace ourselves for some customary rain in March. Think we will get a break this year?

All-in-all, it was a week of achievements and applaud. RedyMoney supports an venture that increases service access to most of a population. You go further to invest in the youth, pave a way to make their learning more interactive with current information and you become a favorite in our book. Salute to: Montgomery County, City of Montgomery, Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base and Cyber College of Air Force. When different bodies/ entities collaborate to create an inclusive service, it should definitely be highlighted.

Yes, the celebrations of African Americans and their great contribution throughout history, will soon come to a close. Though celebrations end, and whilst RedyMoney certainly is not saying to host celebrations all year round; the best way of appreciation is through emulation. What have you taken away, as virtue or character from any of the African-American Pioneers you read/learnt about this month?

RedyMoney loves to send you into the weekend pondering. Have a blessed and safe weekend family!!

Happy Presidents Day Alabama!!!

RedyMoney could not miss greeting you on such a momentous day in history!! This shows how committed we are to our social community. We would like everyone, in spite of their current situation and the apparent dire state of affairs, to pause and reflect on the foundation that has made our country regarded as a truly great nation.

Thank you to Mark Zuckerberg and his wife for making their first stop of the south in Alabama. Thank you sharing with our locals; you are indeed correct!!! Facebook should represent more than just social media!!!

In our financial news, we highlight the savings program for the disabeled. Come the 26th persons can start saving towards disability-related expenses without taxes.

Everyone can have financial ambition and RedyMoney is pleased to operate in a state that thinks beyond boundaries when designing strategies to make life easier.

RedyMoney continues to wish all of Alabama an inspiring week, as through celebrating Black History Month, our theme is to ‘be inspired’. Rather than a quote to send you off into your week, we say a big shout out to all students from all over Alabama, participating in ‘Poetry Out Loud’. Alabama needs a future that can think for themselves and set new standards. Our students are saying they are up for the task (or will be in a few years) and are investing in the ground work.. Great going guys!!!

Happy Friday Alabama!!!

Think February is going too fast? And yet so much has managed to happen in such a short space of time. What does that show us? Maybe that time is not affected by circumstances, it is just is.

We know that time is time, and will continue to be whilst we try to keep up. And whilst we may ‘pause’ so to speak to honour, observe and pay homage to people, special events etc,, time is continuing. As we make plans for activities to observe/ celebrate Presidents Day next Monday, be sure that you will not be needing any of the following services on that day. It means all has to be done by today, if you need to use them. 


Exactly what are you planning for Presidents Day? RedyMoney always encourages that the best way to honor an individual’s life, is to learn from some of that individual’s mistakes and emulate what made that individual stand out in such a large crowd. Do you think our country can use more Washington or even Lincoln characteristics, amongst our people? Are we celebrating their lives and contributions by safe-guarding what they believed was best for our country? You have one day extra this weekend, so you can think on it!!!


RedyMoney sends you off into an inspiration-filled weekend. With Black History Month showcases under-way and Presidents Day upcoming, despite the state of affairs in most places, and how time ‘seems’ to be moving fast; there is enough inspiration and motivation to go around. Have a great weekend family!!!


Happy Tuesday!!!

Were you missing RedyMoney? We know you were looking to hear from us yesterday. We are still here and we have still been serving our customers. To all our virtual family, it appears each day comes with its ow set of troubles or worries, which is why our focus should be on overcoming each day.

We share with you what Leo F. Buscaglia would have, “Worrying never robs tomorrow of its sorrows, it only saps today of its joy.” It is inevitable that when you think about tomorrow and the future on a whole, you become a little anxious. It is one thing to plan for your future, and another thing entirely to become anxious over what may or may not happen, or anything that is outside of our control. Let us try seeing today, for what it is really is, not a day to spent worrying about tomorrow, but to realize that we have been blessed to see this day and we must live.
In Tax news, RedyMoney would just like to remind you of when you can mark your calendars, of when is the final day for filing your submitting your tax returns.
RedyMoney hopes you have a fantastic week, until we meet again!!!


Happy Alabama Friday!!!!

Who is staying up tonight to watch the triple show? Comet, eclipse and moon in one night? Talk about true Alabama life. Don’t you just love the way, when it seems as though nature is giving Alabama a special treat….. Those in Birmingham will get the view that will be the envy of many!!!

How did this miss us? Influenza A? Where did you come from? We encourage everybody to all in their power and reach to swiftly treat this illness swiftly. Know the symptoms to look out for, although, for the most past it seems more than half of Alabama has already been inflicted.Do all you can to recover quickly!!!!

A look at what is happening in the Finance sector in Alabama, one of the premier bank in the state, having closed what may be considered enough branches last year, is looking to close more branches, both in the short term and the long term. This may be an economically sound decision for the bank, however, may mean loss of income for many locals who were employed by them. On a side note: if you are a customer that usually prefers/ only uses the teller services, you may have to decide to travel further to another branch in the future and/or familiarize yourself with the online and mobile banking. You have until April 28 to make a choice; for those whose account is held in the Selma, Montgomery, Anniston, Dothan and Semmes branches. 

A lot has happened in the week, many of us are taking a breath of relief; you will finally be able to catch up on sleep, and as life seems to get more hectic, you have more and more, plan ahead. RedyMoney wishes you a safe and relaxing weekend!!!!

Take Good Care…

Welcome to another week RedyMoney family. Let us do good and position ourselves to receive good karma this week. 

In continued observance of Black History Month, our inspirational quote for this week comes from Malcolm X: “There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every loss, every heartbreaks, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time.”
RedyMoney therefore offers you some motivation to get your finances in order, and what better time to do a complete overhaul of your finances, that right after Tax season? Remember refunds may not be reflected in your accounts until the week of February 27. The IRS relies on your understanding and apologizes for the delay. RedyMoney believes in good RedyMoney karma, “if you don’t take good care of your credit, then your credit won’t take good care of you.” Tyler Gregory
Happy Frozen Yogurt Day!!! For those who have a sweet tooth and a penchant for colorful frozen diets, Frozen yogurts are for you. The healthier choice and still immensely filling and enjoyable, especially with fruits. Never tried one? You’re missing out!!!

Went super bowling last night at Brunswick Bowling alley??? We didn’t see you!!! RedyMoney lauds the initiative of the Montgomery Public Schools, who use this activity as a means for families to spend time together and to establish relationships with the school and for performing in school to become ‘hype’ again. We hope the children were rejuvenated.

Have a wonderful week RedyMoney family!!!

Thank God it is Friday!!!

Finally the day we have all been waiting for!!! It has been a busy and somewhat tense week for most; but through it all, we must remember that we all co-exist as a state and in extension, as a country. Let us remain confident in the character of our leaders and neighbors to help us in times of need. All that have been with us are our neighbors and we all depend on each other to live a fulfilling life. Who are we depending on? Who is depending on us? What matters most to each of us?

In our youth corner, RedyMoney says to Auburn University, the best way to make use of any grant or funds, is to invest in the future of the state. Well done AU!!! Alabama is no more just known for coal and iron, as how it #would have been mined years ago. Engineering as evolved. To all students interested in this field, Auburn University can be your home. Go for it!!!

Productivity Increase
And just in case you need a little impetus, use your weekend to go out and visit a museum or a historical site. Getting in touch with history and/or nature is always a sure fire to regain focus and perspective on what matters most. Remember to end your week on a high note, complete as much tasks as you can and it is always important to have a plan for next week. Have a blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!





What does February have in store for us???

We have finally said goodbye to January and all the blessings and opportunities it brought us. As we close that chapter, RedyMoney hopes you had taken our advice to reflect on the month, see how you have grown and what your plans are, for February. And what better way to get your moving on in February, than through the month-long observance of African Americans and their contribution to our great country!!! Just think, when you get overwhelmed or discouraged, the greats before you would have felt the same way and yet onward their pressed.

Many museums across Alabama, will have displays commemorating Black History. Its richness is a source of encouragement when on your own, you become overwhelmed. Venture this February. Not just to Alabama’s many picturesque sites, but to a museum near you and become informed and educated. See if any of those from history speak to you today!!! And take a word of advice from one of our own, Cecily Tyson: “Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.”

In news on a more fanciful tone, how do you feel about adopting? Thanks to the Montgomery Humane Society, for appealing loudly on the behalf of many animals to be adopted into homes and become a part of families. So much so, that costs to adopt have been reduced…..

On that note friends: RedyMoney says welcome to February and we look forward to the wonderful opportunities that you bring!!! Have an inspired Wednesday!!!