What does February have in store for us???

We have finally said goodbye to January and all the blessings and opportunities it brought us. As we close that chapter, RedyMoney hopes you had taken our advice to reflect on the month, see how you have grown and what your plans are, for February. And what better way to get your moving on in February, than through the month-long observance of African Americans and their contribution to our great country!!! Just think, when you get overwhelmed or discouraged, the greats before you would have felt the same way and yet onward their pressed.

Many museums across Alabama, will have displays commemorating Black History. Its richness is a source of encouragement when on your own, you become overwhelmed. Venture this February. Not just to Alabama’s many picturesque sites, but to a museum near you and become informed and educated. See if any of those from history speak to you today!!! And take a word of advice from one of our own, Cecily Tyson: “Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.”

In news on a more fanciful tone, how do you feel about adopting? Thanks to the Montgomery Humane Society, for appealing loudly on the behalf of many animals to be adopted into homes and become a part of families. So much so, that costs to adopt have been reduced…..

On that note friends: RedyMoney says welcome to February and we look forward to the wonderful opportunities that you bring!!! Have an inspired Wednesday!!!

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