Thank God it is Friday!!!

Finally the day we have all been waiting for!!! It has been a busy and somewhat tense week for most; but through it all, we must remember that we all co-exist as a state and in extension, as a country. Let us remain confident in the character of our leaders and neighbors to help us in times of need. All that have been with us are our neighbors and we all depend on each other to live a fulfilling life. Who are we depending on? Who is depending on us? What matters most to each of us?

In our youth corner, RedyMoney says to Auburn University, the best way to make use of any grant or funds, is to invest in the future of the state. Well done AU!!! Alabama is no more just known for coal and iron, as how it #would have been mined years ago. Engineering as evolved. To all students interested in this field, Auburn University can be your home. Go for it!!!

Productivity Increase
And just in case you need a little impetus, use your weekend to go out and visit a museum or a historical site. Getting in touch with history and/or nature is always a sure fire to regain focus and perspective on what matters most. Remember to end your week on a high note, complete as much tasks as you can and it is always important to have a plan for next week. Have a blessed weekend RedyMoney family!!!





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