Happy Alabama Friday!!!!

Who is staying up tonight to watch the triple show? Comet, eclipse and moon in one night? Talk about true Alabama life. Don’t you just love the way, when it seems as though nature is giving Alabama a special treat….. Those in Birmingham will get the view that will be the envy of many!!!

How did this miss us? Influenza A? Where did you come from? We encourage everybody to all in their power and reach to swiftly treat this illness swiftly. Know the symptoms to look out for, although, for the most past it seems more than half of Alabama has already been inflicted.Do all you can to recover quickly!!!!

A look at what is happening in the Finance sector in Alabama, one of the premier bank in the state, having closed what may be considered enough branches last year, is looking to close more branches, both in the short term and the long term. This may be an economically sound decision for the bank, however, may mean loss of income for many locals who were employed by them. On a side note: if you are a customer that usually prefers/ only uses the teller services, you may have to decide to travel further to another branch in the future and/or familiarize yourself with the online and mobile banking. You have until April 28 to make a choice; for those whose account is held in the Selma, Montgomery, Anniston, Dothan and Semmes branches. 

A lot has happened in the week, many of us are taking a breath of relief; you will finally be able to catch up on sleep, and as life seems to get more hectic, you have more and more, plan ahead. RedyMoney wishes you a safe and relaxing weekend!!!!

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