Happy Friday Alabama!!!

Think February is going too fast? And yet so much has managed to happen in such a short space of time. What does that show us? Maybe that time is not affected by circumstances, it is just is.

We know that time is time, and will continue to be whilst we try to keep up. And whilst we may ‘pause’ so to speak to honour, observe and pay homage to people, special events etc,, time is continuing. As we make plans for activities to observe/ celebrate Presidents Day next Monday, be sure that you will not be needing any of the following services on that day. It means all has to be done by today, if you need to use them. 


Exactly what are you planning for Presidents Day? RedyMoney always encourages that the best way to honor an individual’s life, is to learn from some of that individual’s mistakes and emulate what made that individual stand out in such a large crowd. Do you think our country can use more Washington or even Lincoln characteristics, amongst our people? Are we celebrating their lives and contributions by safe-guarding what they believed was best for our country? You have one day extra this weekend, so you can think on it!!!


RedyMoney sends you off into an inspiration-filled weekend. With Black History Month showcases under-way and Presidents Day upcoming, despite the state of affairs in most places, and how time ‘seems’ to be moving fast; there is enough inspiration and motivation to go around. Have a great weekend family!!!


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