Happy Friday Alabama!!!

Happy Friday Alabama!!! It is indeed a blessing that we have all lived to see another Friday. We hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. Early next week, we say goodbye to February, for good (this year, at least), and RedyMoney encourages you to continue to go back to the drawing board to ensure that your actions remain aligned with your goals. Start looking at how our month went and how you can improve come March. Time is inevitable, but we must believe in the opportunities presented to each us each day, to grow, be more and do more.

It is official, you can purchase some emergency items, tax free. Speak to your local store before making a purchase and find out exactly what deal you are getting, as you prepare for any natural disaster. Speaking of weather, we must all brace ourselves for some customary rain in March. Think we will get a break this year?

All-in-all, it was a week of achievements and applaud. RedyMoney supports an venture that increases service access to most of a population. You go further to invest in the youth, pave a way to make their learning more interactive with current information and you become a favorite in our book. Salute to: Montgomery County, City of Montgomery, Maxwell Gunter Air Force Base and Cyber College of Air Force. When different bodies/ entities collaborate to create an inclusive service, it should definitely be highlighted.

Yes, the celebrations of African Americans and their great contribution throughout history, will soon come to a close. Though celebrations end, and whilst RedyMoney certainly is not saying to host celebrations all year round; the best way of appreciation is through emulation. What have you taken away, as virtue or character from any of the African-American Pioneers you read/learnt about this month?

RedyMoney loves to send you into the weekend pondering. Have a blessed and safe weekend family!!


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