Inspiration has no deadline…….


It is inevitable that the observance of #BHM, is confined to a month, and we can always argue that to study the lives and contributions of those before us warrants more than a month. That may be true, but is it enough to just be swept away by the lives of our ancestors (as captivating as they may be)? What greater to celebrate lives than to emulate the virtues and characteristics of those who move us to think outside the box and inspire us to be more? What can you emulate today?

With just two days left in the month, RedyMoney encourages you to budget some time and reflect on how you have earned, used your resources wisely this month and also how obedient you have been in keeping the goals you have made for yourself… Spend some time to reflect and plan. Seeing the work you have done is a source of inspiration for you to continue.

Do we smell a mid-week break??? #sniffs…. If so, see you after we cross over into March!!!




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