Welcome to March!!!

And the weekend….. Both are good news and both are welcomed today.It is a new month filled with its own lessons and opportunities. We hope you have already planned your strategies for this month upon reflecting last month.

You know America should not be on short supply for motivation, inspiration and a call to be great. From Black History Month to observing Red Cross month shows that America did get the memo: that heroes do live amongst us, creating a kinder, more caring and more inclusive legacy. All heroes of the American Red Cross whom have given selflessly throughout the year, RedyMoney salutes you!!!

Seasonal employment means that you get the opportunity for those of us who are otherwise self-employed to expand our horizons and joins thousands in a diverse workforce. What a way to welcome spring, Home Depot!!! Good luck to all of Alabama that applies and gets accepted.

Imagine hearing this over the speaker: that the IRS owes you money. Wouldn’t you stop what you were doing and go find out? Maybe you would be afraid its a scam; which is only the case you had not files your returns so there is nothing to collect. To all those who have filed, ensure you get your returns and that you keep a record of filings and returns and see the balance.  Anyone going to the nearest tax support office coming Monday??? Well there are 18,000 of you according to the IRS!

You go Zoe!!! Indeed you are gifted and talented. Dear parents, are you giving Zoe a special treat this weekend??? This 11 year old already knows what she wants to see in her future, and she has made sure to create it for all to see. Whatever the results Zoe. RedyMoney is already proud of you!!!

Did someone say we have to wait, ALL of 17 more days for Spring??? Oh well, we’ll be right here. Have a wonderful weekend Alabama!!!


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